Local Cuisine in Boracay

Nothing would make you experience Boracay best if you have not sampled its local fares. What usually brews in the local household will tell you a lot about how the people of Boracay live their lives. The local cuisine would tell you as much about the Boracay lifestyle.
Tempting International Cuisine
Since Boracay has been a magnet for foreign tourists, it is not surprising at all to see bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of international cuisines fro Asian to Mediterranean to Mexican to Spanish to whatever. That should not tempt you, however, to keep eating the food you are used to.
It takes a brave heart to try something new, yet, if you really like to experience the best of Boracay you should never be afraid to taste something you have never tasted before. It is forgivable to run to your favorite restaurants or to eating hubs that offer dishes you are most comfortable eating. Then again, if you really like an authentic taste of Boracay, nothing will beat trying out a few of the local cuisine.
Safe and Tasty
Do not worry, the people of Boracay does not have a palate for exotic dishes. Their local cuisine mostly circles around the fresh catch from the Aklan ocean. A variety of seafood dishes consist the local cuisine. Grilled diwal shellfish, lobsters, clams, tuna and other fish meats, oysters, prawns – name it, Boracay has it.
In most restaurants serving local fare, you usually have to choose from the fresh catch of the day and have it cooked the way you want. That treats you to a mouthful of freshness from the ocean, which tastes better than anything.
For the stews and soups, you will have to trust the native Filipino dishes including Bulalo, Menudo, Afritada, Kare-Kare, and the world-famous Adobo. Since you are in the Visayan region, expect to be treated to wonderfully roasted chicken, something that can be counted as a local dish.
All in all, eating the local fare in Boracay is like introducing yourself anew not just to the culture in the island paradise but in the Philippine culture in general. Tasting local dishes will give you a taste not just of the Boracay lifestyle but the Filipino lifestyle.
It helps a lot that some business owners have busied themselves putting up eating joints where local dishes are being served. Although the business of dealing with the foreign palate proves to be tempting, they decide to do justice to the land that owns the island by serving native delicacies that is not as difficult to appreciate.

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