Habagat Kiteboarding

The Habagat Kiteboarding Center is one of the most popular destinations in Boracay for those who want to learn the sport. This Center was built just to provide for those needs. 
The Center can be found in Bulabog Beach in Boracay. If you are at the beach, it is impossible to miss. If you are at White Beach, a tricycle can be used to take you to the place. 
The tricycles are located at D’Mall. This trip will take 15 minutes. Another option is to go to Pacific Patio. Keep going until you reach the beach. The Center will be right there. 
What to See
The Habagat Kiteboarding Center has numerous training courses for would-be kiteboarders. They also have the equipment necessary for learning the sport. There are basic courses, introductory courses and full day lessons. 
Apart from the basic lessons, spot analysis and piloting are examined in detail. There are private lessons available. Apart from kiteboarding, you can also go on boat excursions and check the island out. 
The kiteboard was invented by the brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux. They got a patent in 1985 and presented it at the Brest International Speed Week. During its early years, the device was tested on different boats, skis, skateboards and similar devices. As the sport grew in the 1990s, different types emerged. 
The tricycle fare is 60 pesos. A one hour lesson will set you back 3,200 pesos. This is about 50 Euros. A simple course will cost 2,700 pesos or about 42 Euros. A one day course with an IKO certification will cost 6,000 pesos or 95 Euros. A three day course costs 17,000 pesos or 270 Euros. 
Some of the advanced courses cost 8,700 pesos or 135 Euros. The rental cost is 3,250 pesos or 50 Euros for half a day. Renting for a whole day use is 5,200 pesos or 80 Euros. Renting for five days will cost 20,000 pesos or 320 Euros. The Center also has several shops where you can get the necessary paraphernalia for your training. 
Other Info 
The advanced lessons offered at the Center touches on many aspects. These include performing jumps and how to change directions. How to properly go up and how to evaluate the power of the kite are also covered. 
For those new to the sport, the Habagat Kiteboarding Center will serve as the proper introduction. Even those who know the sport will learn new things about the activity.

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  1. Thanks to the Guys at Habagat Kiteboarding
    I was not feeling good on day two of the Kite board class.
    It Turned out I was coming down with a sinus Flu/Cold from the flight.
    There was several sick people on the aircraft from the states.
    I have been in a no dive status since then.
    I will be back on my next trip to have some fun.

    Alen Lemons

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