Boracay Events and Festivals

There are many different events and festivals scheduled in the island of Boracay. A lot of them are actually sporting events. However, there are also cultural festivals and other Boracay events that are related to the many Filipino holidays. These events add color and spice up the activities on the island. More often than not, they tend to draw in huge crowds and make that Boracay experience a lot more memorable.
Sports Events
If you look at the scheduled sports events in Boracay for an entire year, it would be easy to spot the fact that a lot of them are various golf cups. Well, the golf course on the island can prove to be a bit of a challenge for anyone who is interested in the sport. The other sports events on schedule also involve the many water sports that are pretty popular in the island. Other than water sports, the other Boracay events involve games one usually plays at the beach.
Here's a list of the many sports events on schedule in the island each year:
International Funboard Cup
Since windsurfing and kite surfing are very popular activities here, it is no wonder that a Boracay event would be scheduled to reel in the enthusiasts of the sport. The competition starts by the latter part of January and lasts almost an entire week. Like many sports events on the island, a party usually tops things off after the awards have been handed to victors.
May is the month of the annual dragon boat competition. This sport is fast becoming popular on the island. The highlight of the event of course is the competition of various dragon boat rowing teams slugging it out for the prize. It's a contest of both skill and united fury as rowers move as one to challenge the odds.
Boracay Dive Olympics
Diving is a natural phenomenon where emerald ocean waters and fascinating dive sites converge. In fact, scuba diving is a huge part of Boracay as are its beaches. To celebrate the sport, the island holds a dive Olympics where skilled divers compete. The event is scheduled starting in March 30 of every year and ends on the first day of April.
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Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament

As one might expect, the high season for golf on the island is usually scheduled during the hot Philippine summer. This golf tournament is basically one those tournaments scheduled during the peak season. It is hosted by Fairways and Bluewater Resort. It is usually scheduled throughout the first week of April. Participation in this golf tournament would require an actual invitation to the said event. This simply means that one should expect some top notch golfers to take part in the competition.
This is golf tournament is one of the most popular competitions on the island. The main highlight of this Boracay event is the participation of a lot of local celebrities showing off their form as they swing away in a friendly game. The goal of the event is not so much to celebrate golf skills. Its goal is actually to strengthen the camaraderie of who's who behind the Philippine movie and film industry.
Fil-American Friendship Golf Cup
This golf tourney has been around since the 1940s. Well, of course, the goal is to celebrate the friendly ties between the Americans and Filipinos. Literally hundreds of golf enthusiasts vie for the coveted prizes in this tournament. To participate, one must register and pay the required fees.
Boracay Beach Soccer Cup
This is three-day soccer event that is usually held on the famous White Beach. The competition is scheduled in March with several local teams and other competitors from around the world making the throng of spectators roar. After the games are all played and done, it's an all out party with the host of the event footing the bill.
Asian Beach Games
This event, simply put, is proof that there are more things you can do on the beach than just sunbathing. Of course, beach sports take the lead during the days of the competition. This said event is scheduled on the year 2014, which gives plenty of time for anyone who is interested in winning the prize. A good portion of the event also includes extreme water sports.
International Paraw Cup Challenge
Ever heard of a boat called a paraw? This little boat is endemic to the Philippines and you get to see them in action during the International Paraw Cup Challenge. The main event of this competition, of course, is an outrigger boat race. During this leg of the celebrations, paraw sailors get to showcase their skills to the delight of audiences on the shore. It's a sports event and a cultural display in one.
Cultural Events and Festivals
A lot of the Boracay events celebrate the culture and festivities of the Philippines. Many of the fiestas here take on a rather ethnic theme. Of course, some of the celebrations do celebrate the many different Filipino holidays. The celebrations are usually very colorful and culturally rich. Visitors and guests will generally catch a glimpse of the history and culture of the island.
Here is a list of some of the Boracay events that have a cultural theme:
New Year Festivities
The New Year holiday is celebrated in the entire Philippines and is truly a Boracay event worth waiting for. It's more than the parties at the beach or the spectacle of fireworks that usually illuminate the beautiful night sky on the island. It's also a time to look forward to better things to come in paradise.
Boracay Sand Lantern Competition
A lantern created from the white sands of Boracay – now that is a sight to see but a competition to create works of art to light up the evening is truly a thrill. This is one of the truly unique Boracay events and festivities. It's comparable to an ice sculpture competition, except that there is no ice. Well, the sand and the evening light are just as spectacular as any ice sculpture in the world.
It's a matter of fact that the reggae vibe is alive and kicking in Boracay. This celebration calls for the Bob Marley in you and you do get to showcase some of that inner groove during the festivities. Music fills the air from May 11 to 14 of every year nowhere else but in Boracay.
Yapak Fiesta
In the local vernacular, yapak would translate to walking barefoot. This is more of cultural celebration on the island of Boracay. During the festivities, ancient folklore and tradition are both celebrated and remembered. This festive occasion is highlighted by dances and parades in full demonstration of ancient tradition.
Ati Atihan Festival
This Boracay event celebrates a fundamental part of the culture of the Philippines. You can say that it is akin to a Mardi Gras. Participants in the said occasion put on their tribal gear and paint themselves black to symbolize the native people of these islands, the Ati. This feast is so popular in the country that every province in the Philippines would have one or something like it.
Boracay Food Festival
This is actually one of the hottest festivals on schedule in an entire year. It's a literal feast on the entire island so to speak. This is also one of the Boracay events that take place during the high season. The event starts in May 11 and the fiesta lasts for three whole days. One of the highlights of this fiesta is a cooking competition, something akin to The Iron Chef. Watch culinary masters battle it out to produce some of the most ridiculously good tasting dishes that have ever landed on your taste buds.
Glass Bottom Boat Tour
The voyage of this boat has become a bit iconic on the island. It's a pretty good way to actually see the corals and other underwater highlights of the island without having to put on any goggles. Tourists can view the beauty of the island underneath the waves via the boat's transparent bottom. The tour usually commences at two in the afternoon. It's usually a fun family activity and a pure delight for kids.
Boracay International Beach Festival
If you're on the island to see some of the fun and fanfare then you're in luck. This Boracay event generally celebrates the joys and beauty of tropical island life. You get to see cultural presentations, colorful street dancing. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of the history of Boracay.
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