SPR Real Estate Inc.

SPR Real Estate Inc. is one of the top real estate companies in the island of Boracay, providing services in connection with owning properties or renting vacation houses; among other things.
With almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry, the company aims to provide some of the most exclusive and even high-end properties to clients looking to stay in the island or own real properties in Boracay.
Services Offered
SPR Real Estate Inc. provides sales of real estate properties from houses and lots to condominiums, apartments, land properties and established commercial establishments.
Houses and lots are usually located near the beach areas in the island as well as the commercial district of Boracay; giving possible buyers the option to choose a location that is surrounded by nature or one that is within close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city center.
The houses can be bungalows, two-story or three-story villas.
Condominiums on the other hand, are among the most modern and world-class condos in the island also situated in prime locations and equipped with modern facilities.
On the other hand, luxury apartments are usually those exclusive villages around the island. 
Lands meanwhile, are also those situated in strategic locations around the island, whether in the commercial areas or residential areas. 
As for holiday rentals, these range from vacation houses and vacation apartments to long-term leases of villas and residences.
These rentals are mostly situated in beach locations providing you with a more private alternative to hotels and inns around the island; and depending on your choice, these can accommodate 6 up to 8 people.
Other Services
SPR Real Estate Inc. also provides a number of other real estate services particularly to foreign buyers who wish to own properties in the island of Boracay.
These services include property acquisition, transfer of ownership, construction projects and property management.
Property acquisition and transfer of ownership are actually areas of expertise of SPR Real Estate Inc.; providing assistance particularly to foreign buyers to expedite processing of ownership in accordance with Philippine laws.
For construction project management, the company can provide you with the design of your particular project and oversee its development and completion. 
The company takes into consideration the estimated time frame upon which the project will be completed and will work to meet this target.
Cost of the project is also included and in like manner, the company will work on achieving completion of the project within the estimated cost.
As for property management, the company will work to ensure that your property is well-maintained and secure. They can also secure rental payments on your behalf and deal with all the details about rentals and long-term leases for you. 
Through the combined efforts of the owners and their staff, clients are ascertained that any real estate concerns that you may have will be dealt with accordingly.

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