D Mall D Boracay

Shopping at D Mall D Boracay is something that most visitors to the island never fail to do. While there are many stores around, this is one you will not want to pass up. It is the largest shopping mall on the island. 
The shopping mall is very close to White Beach. From a cab, the distance is only five minutes away. It is very near the restaurants, hotels and resorts. It is known by all the drivers and locals. 
What to Buy
You can buy a variety of things at the mall. The place is filled with gift shops where you can buy souvenir items for yourself or your loved ones. There are also shops here that sell clothes, shoes, caps, hats, belts and all sorts of fashion accessories. 
Of course you will be able to purchase tie-dye T-shirts here. 
Visitors to the mall may want to check out Wiggles for some cool souvenirs. Their specialties are bags, sarongs and ornamental carvings. There are other products sold in this shop. Those looking for some cool swimsuits will find plenty here too. Many shops have a lot of beachwear for men and women. 
Shopping at D Mall D Boracay is not that heavy on the pockets. The prices differ from the various gift shops, as you will soon find out. But it is a good idea to bring some extra cash along. With so many attractive items for sale, you will be tempted to buy more than a few. 
Other Information
The mall is also known for the vast number of local handicrafts being sold. Art and handicraft enthusiasts will find several items that suit their fancy. These products are locally made, giving you insights into the skills of the Filipino as a craftsman. 
If you love home decors, the mall has several fine selections. Juan Lu is one of the most popular when it comes to home decorations. Other items you will find in the mall are wind chimes and funky lighting. 
If you need to buy some groceries, drop by the supermarket in the mall. There you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and fish of all shapes and sizes. 
If you are shopping at D Mall D Boracay, you can also drop by in any of the food stalls in the area. You will also see many restaurants and eateries. Everything from cheeseburgers, pizza, snacks, sweets and delicacies are available at these food outlets. 

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