Bat Caves in Boracay

If you have a taste for adventure, try exploring the Boracay bat cave. Untouched by civilization, it is a fascinating excursion and offers you a glimpse of the natural wonders on the island.


The cave is situated at the western end of the island. To get there you have to pass a few dirt roads. After going through the roads, you (and your guide) will navigate through a forest.

What to See

After going through the forest, you will see the mouth of the cave. This plunges down at a sharp angle. The mouth is surrounded by formidable boulders.

As you go inside, the first thing that will strike you is the humidity of the air. There is also plenty of guano on the stones. The main feature of the cave are the fruit bats, many of which are quite large. The bats are at the very bottom. Be careful about using a flashlight on the bats.

The best chance to see these creatures would be at dusk. Also worth checking out are the stalactites on the roof. The area around the Boracay bat cave also provides an outstanding view of the island and the seas nearby.


No one knows for sure how long the bats have been in the cave. But scientists have learned a lot about them. These are classified as Old World flying foxes. As the name suggests, their diet consists mainly of fruits. They are also capable of drinking flower nectar.

Contrary to popular belief, these are not carnivores. Their physiology is designed for scraping off the skin of fruits. Studies of these bats have shown that not all of them are really blind.


If you know the way to the cave, you do not have to spend anything to get there. Otherwise, hire a guide to bring you to the site. This will cost about 200 pesos (4 USD).

Other Info

You need to be careful when entering the cave. First time visitors to the place may find it is difficult to get in. There is no handrail. You do not have the benefit of a path either. Due to the slippery nature of the cave, it is best to wear shoes or boots. Do not wear sandals.

A journey to the Boracay bat cave is something you will not forget anytime soon. For those who live in the city, this close encounter with nature can be a real eye opener.

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