Sport Fishing in Boracay

Boracay sports fishing is one of those water based activities that is gaining more and more followers every year. The challenges and excitement that it brings is quite unique from other activities on the island. 
Boat stations 1,2 and 3 have fishing charters. However, you can also go to any fisherman and ask for a good fishing spot. Fishermen wil charge less than the fishing charters. 
What to See
There are several types of fish you can catch. Cudas, marlins and sailfish are just some of them. Your guide will tell you what fish is available. The type of fish you can get may vary depending on the season. 
It is also possible to catch some crabs and other sea creatures while Boracay sports fishing. Aside from this, you will also be able to enjoy the scenery. Even if they do not get a lot of fish, you will enjoy the scenery. 
This sport has its roots in the 15th century. It was popularized by Dame Juliana Berners of England. The book covered many aspects of fishing, many of which are still relevant today. The book helped increase the popularity of the sport. 
Over the next two hundred years, the sport became widespread. The 17th century witnessed the publication of “The Compleat Angler” by Izaak Walton. It was the first book to recognize angling as a sport. 
Big game fishing took off when the motor boat was created. But in Boracay, the traditional boats are used in its stead. The fish is also not killed; once caught, they are thrown back into the water again. 
The bangka (traditional fishing boat) can be rented for 50 USD. This is good enough for whole day usage. This charge will include the fee of the fisherman. The boats will have fishing equipment. However, you are probably better off buying or bringing your own. This way you don’t have to spend time figuring out how the equipment is used.
Other Info
This activity is similar to fishing. The difference is that you are trying to catch deep sea and large fish. Fishing looks deceptively simple but it is not. It takes many months and even years to perfect it. As anyone who has tried it will tell you, patience and perseverance are required. 
Boracay sports fishing is best done between November and January. These are cold months so fish tend to cluster together. This makes catching easier. 

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  1. Hi, i’m planning to go sport fishing. Can anyone give me a contact person of a local boat man? Thanks alot.

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