Boracay Hotels and Resorts on Bulabog Beach

Boracay's Bulabog Beach is famed for kite boarding and windsurfing. The waters here are practically teeming with enthusiasts from many parts of the world. This beach has been branded as Asia's best kitesurf destination, which is pretty easy to see. Since this beach is located on the eastern side of the island, it gets all the wind it can get compared to White Beach, which comparatively has calmer waters.
This 2.5 kilometer stretch of beach also has some Boracay hotels and resorts. However, this entire section of the island isn't as well developed. You can get to this beach from D'Mall by walking for five minutes. Walking from Bulabog Beach to White Beach will last about ten minutes. The people who take accommodations here are the ones who are either into kite boarding and windsurfing or those who just want a quieter vacation in paradise.
Here is a list of Boracay hotels and resorts on Bulabog Beach:
7 Stones Bulabog
You can say that this hotel is simply dressed to impress. The freeform pool is uniquely designed complete with a swim up pool bar. There's also a pool for the kids plus a Jacuzzi. The finish and contemporary design of the place is perfect for a family getaway and even a honeymoon. It's actually one of the newer resorts on this side of the island. There is a lot of water sports shops right next door to this hotel, which is an added convenience. It's a piece of beachfront property, which adds to its overall quality. Note that the rates here are steeper than most hotels and resorts on Bulabog Beach.
Blue Bayou Resort
This resort is pretty much like the standard bungalow hut type resorts you'll find on this side of the island. It isn't located right in front of the beach, which means you will have to walk a bit of a distance to start windsurfing. Well, it does have direct access to the roads heading to both White Beach and Bulabog Beach which kind of makes up for it's not so ideal location. Like the many resorts on the eastern side of Boracay, this one caters to a lot of water sports. The additional services that they offer include yoga, sunset sailing, and spa services. The place takes on a native design and the rooms are equipped with the usual modern comforts.
Boracay Water World
This resort is situated among the small cluster of resorts on the southern end of Bulabog Beach. Its location is primarily one of the reasons why some people prefer staying here. It's actually one of the quieter sections of the entire island of Boracay. They offer bungalow styled residences for a bit of privacy for the guests. The balconies of these little native styled villas give you a great view of the ocean. Like many of the resorts and hotels on this side of the island, guests can enjoy various water sports. They have a restaurant and they also have room service. The rooms in this Boracay resort are fully furnished with modern amenities.
Cohiba Villas Bulabog
Those who are looking for condo units on the beachfront of Bulabog Beach will find Cohiba Villas a great find. Guests will be treated to a stunning panoramic view of the ocean and the beach since it is situated right atop a cliff. The units are quite spacious with room enough for a kitchen, three bedrooms, private patio, and bathrooms. The rooms and the entire establishment have a sleek modern design. You simply get the best of modern living. Note that the rates here are truly higher than average but you do get a lot of value for your money.
Habagat Kite Village
If you're a big fan of water sports then you might want to take advantage of the special offers and promos at Habagat Kite Village. It's situated right in the heart of Bulabog Beach and is the prime location for many water sports activities. The beach front garden and restaurant is given a cozy ambiance being shaded by palm trees. The overall design of the entire establishment leans more toward a blend of tropical and European. All of their rooms have a good view of the sea and the kite shop is an added convenience for enthusiasts of the sport. The rooms take on a modern design and are equipped with today's conveniences.
Kite Resort Windpia
When you see all the kite boards and other water sports equipment sprawling all over a nice looking resort, you'll know you're in Kite Resort Windpia. The rates here totally budget friendly. Well, you do get the very basic amenities but they truly cater to the true blue water sports enthusiast. They can arrange almost any type of water sport you can think of, which basically includes kite boarding, scuba diving, and what not. They even have gear for rent if you need them. They do have Internet but usually within the compounds of their restaurant. They have the usual fan rooms and they also offer air conditioned rooms. The best rooms they have on board are known as the Semi Apartelle. Of course, getting that type of room will definitely cost you.
Lazy Dog Boracay
Lazy Dog is a good sample of a bed and breakfast resort on the island of Boracay. The rates aren't that steep, in fact, they are more suited for folks who have a bit of a budget constraint. It's located on the quieter side of the beach and is truly a piece of beachfront property. The rooms take on a fusion of modern and native design. Well, the lighting and overall theme is native but the amenities sure are modern. The rooms have wireless Internet and cable TV plus hot and cold showers. Pretty good for a B&B place. The bathrooms are quite alright – simple and functional. The room types here include standard rooms and family rooms.
Levantin Boracay
This is a good bed and breakfast resort on the eastern coast of the island. It's located right on the beach and cooks up crazy concoctions at the bar. The mixtures are quite exotic and not for the lighthearted. The rates here are what one should expect out of budget accommodations but the amenities you get for them truly is more value for your money. All rooms have wireless Internet, they do your laundry, air conditioning, cable TV, and hot and cold showers. The exteriors are quite alright as well as the decor inside the room. They're fine but nothing truly fancy. It's actually a good deal if you get to weigh cost versus location, services, and amenities.
Lingganay Hotel Resort
This is one of the exclusive full service class hotels on the eastern side of the island of Boracay. The accommodations here consist of either a single room unit or two roomed apartments. All of them have great ocean views. It's located at the southern end of Bulabog Beach, which is a bit secluded and a lot quieter compared to the rest of the island. They have a nice mid-sized pool with a pool bar. The access to the road is an added convenience. The entire place has a villa type look but is quite modern. They have a car that takes guests to D'Mall and other shopping areas on the island. The rooms are also well-equipped, which includes air conditioning and bath tub plus an in-room safe. The rates here are a bit more expensive than a mid-range resort in Boracay.
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that are perched up on a rise. In the case of MiSueno, you'll get a stunning panoramic view of the island and the ocean up on a hill. This resort combines the best of Asian and European interiors and designs. The entire place actually takes on a more contemporary appeal. Being located high above, you have a chance to check surfing conditions before you run off to the beach. The rates here are a bit more affordable compared to the other luxury hotels and resorts in the area. You get fully furnished rooms with air conditioning, cable TV, and wireless Internet.
Pahuwayan Suites
This is one of the newer Boracay hotels and resorts on this side of the island. It's right on the beach, which basically adds to its value. All of its eight suites are well equipped and well designed. Guests are also treated to a wonderful view of the garden nestled by the ocean since all rooms have patios. It's also the headquarters of the Freestyle Academy, which basically means you can get your first kite boarding lessons from professionals. All rooms have air conditioning but some of them allow you to use a shared kitchen.
Reef Retreat Resort
This is one of the newer Boracay hotels and resorts. It's a quiet little place that offers some Asian comforts. They even have yoga classes if you're interested. The facilities are pretty much alright and a bit modern. They offer a safe deposit at the front desk and cell phone rentals. The beach is just a few feet away, which is another plus factor other than the more affordable rates. The rooms have modern furnishings such as a fridge, air conditioning, flat screen cable TV, and Internet. This is another good hotel option on the island for water sports enthusiasts.
Surfers Home
This is another fine sample of a bungalow type resort on the eastern shores of Boracay. It actually lives up to its name since the resort is beachfront and near water sports shops. Like the many resorts of this type, bamboo and native decor takes the limelight here. The place has a total of eight bungalows. Nevertheless, the place is equipped with today's modern comforts, so you practically get the best of both worlds. The room rates in Surfers Home are truly easier on the wallet and they even arrange discounted rates if you know how to haggle. The rooms are simply cozy, not that many frills inside, but you do get the basics pretty much covered very well.
Tanawin Luxury Apartments
The name of the place basically gives it away. It's a chic modern styled boutique hotel that gives you a rather amazing view of the coast. This hotel has a private vehicle that can take guests to D'Mall and can be hired for tours as well. The construction, furnishings, overall design, room amenities, and services of this luxury establishment are top notch. Take note that the rates here are also a bit steep. Well you basically have to pay for the best that the island can give. The pool side bar and the roof deck bar are favorite hangout places. It's actually one of the better Boracay hotels and resorts on the east coast of the island.

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