From Kalibo to Boracay

Traveling from Kalibo to Boracay is easier these days as there are more travel options. Whether you are a first time traveler or a frequent one, the following info will prove helpful. 
Travel Options
Getting to Kalibo from Manila is done by booking a flight. All the major airlines in the country fly to the city regularly. The transportation available there are land based (tricycles, jeepneys and buses). The least expensive is the tricycle, but they can only take you short distances. More practical would be the jeepney and 
Apart from the bus and jeepney, another option is the van going to Caticlan. This is typically the quickest option if traffic conditions are good. These vans are air conditioned, but they are more expensive than the air conditioned bus. 
Easiest Way 
To avoid hassles and delays, contact a travel agent. They will arrange your trip from Kalibo to Boracay. These agents can be found near the airport. Once you have agreed on the price, they will prepare all your transport needs. These travel agents do not come cheap. But if you are looking for a no-hassle journey to the island, this is the best option. 
If you do not have an agent, you can get a ride (bus, jeepney etc) and go to Caticlan. At Caticlan you can take the ferry or one of the speedboats. These will take you to Boracay. The maximum travel time would be 25 minutes on the boat.
Cheapest Way
The most inexpensive option is the jeepney. There are jeepneys in Kalibo that will bring you all the way to Caticlan. But this trip will take several hours. There are many jeepney stations, but make sure you ask for directions before getting on one. The time it takes to get there will vary depending on the traffic conditions. 
The fare for the air conditioned van is around 300 pesos, while the bus fare is around 200 pesos. This rate is for a single person. If the journey is arranged by a travel agent, expect to spend at least 1,500 pesos. 
The jeepney fare is usually around 100 pesos or thereabouts. These expenses of course, do not include the cost for food and drinks that you may buy. 
If you are planning a trip from Kalibo to Boracay, it is best to start as early as possible. Go through all the details. By preparing early, you will avoid hassles during the actual trip.

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  1. we are arriving via kalibo airport going to boracay our time of our arrival is 19:25 .. my question will still be a rented van during that time.. i would gladly appreciate for your information..many thanks jackie

  2. I would like to know if these vans or buses will still be there till abt 11pm or 12midnight? Our flight will be arriving at about 11pm froom Manila. Thanks!

  3. We are going to Boracay on the 16 of February via Caticlan arrival time is 12:05pm. How much is the fare of a van or bus today? And also the ferry price and environmental fee,and terminal fee. I would really appreciate your response. Thank u

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