When it comes to sheer excitement and adventure, few can compare with the Yapak dive site in Boracay. Known as a five star diving destination, it is one of if not the most popular spot for divers. 
The dive area is located at the western end of the island. It is near the Punta Bunga dive area. There are boats available at stations 1 and 2. These can take you to the dive spot in 15 minutes or less. 
What to See
The dive is separated into four areas. However, it is not possible to cover all the sites in a single dive. Whichever one you go to, you are bound to see green sea turtles, manta rays and sharks. 
These sea creatures often hide themselves in caves. In some of the crevices you will see reef sharks and white tip sharks in the caves. Occasionally, you will see them swimming out in the open. 
The Yapak dive site in Boracay is also famous for its crevices and caves. You can explore the caves and see different types of fish. It is also one of the few dive areas where you can perform tech diving. 
Depth / Experience Level Required
The maximum depth is 70 meters, while the minimum depth is 30 meters. This site is recommended for experienced divers. The currents are strong. The waters are also rough. Advanced open water certification is required. You must also have diving experience to venture into the caves. 
Because it is very popular, many new divers want to explore it. If you want to do so, pay attention to the instructions that will be given. Before hitting the water, make sure that the equipment is properly set. This will ensure no problems are encountered during the dive itself. 
Diving around the area will cost 50 to 70 USD. This amount will cover the costs of the diving gear, instructor, transport fare and tanks. Tech diving will cost more. If you want to explore most or all of the dive sites in the area, prepare to spend at least 120 USD. 
Other Info
The dive area is also famous for its different kinds of fish. Basses, trevallies, groupers and and tuna are all around. There are also plenty of corals around. 
The Yapak dive site in Boracay need negative entry. Simply put, you must have negative buoyancy so the waves do not sweep you. This will be explained by your guide.

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