Banana Boats in Boracay

Riding on the Boracay banana boat is one of those things that visitors to the island never fail to do. For many people, this activity epitomizes everything that is fun about the place. 
You can find these boats in just about all the beaches on the island. Go over to one of the boat renting stores. You can get one there. 
What to See
The recreational boat is an inflatable raft in the shape of a banana. Many of them are orange, but some are yellow in color. These inflatable rafts come in different sizes, with some having the capacity to carry up to ten people. Once you are on board, you can hold on to the safety grips. A motorized boat will pull the raft. 
The thrill of course, is derived from the rapid pace at which the Boracay banana boat is towed. The feeling is similar to being on a jet ski. However, it is not as dangerous. This is actually a family activity. Even kids can get on the boat. Unlike other water sports activities, this is something the whole family can enjoy. 
The original boat was created by Glenn Matthews sometime back in the 1980s. While there are variants in the design, the basic principles are the same. The people will sit on a large tube. 
There are tubes on the side where they can place their feet. These tubes are also used to keep the boat stable. As the years have gone by, variants have emerged. Some models now have two tubes. 
You can rent one for 200 pesos per individual for 15 to 20 minutes. It will cost more if the ride is longer. Their use is typically limited to one day only. Additional charges are imposed if you plan to use it for more than a day. 
These rafts are usually available during the day only. For evening use, there may be extra charges. Keep in mind that during the peak season, the cost may go up by a little bit. 
Other Info 
Riding these boats is one of the safest of all water sports activities. But you are still required to put on life vests. This is in the event you fall off during the ride. Even then, injuries are not likely. The most that will probably happen is you get wet. 
The Boracay banana boat is widely available so reservations are not needed. During peak season, extra rafts are provided at the stalls. 

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