Massage on the Beach in Boracay

Getting a massage on the beach in Boracay is a nice way to remove the tension from your muscles and just unwind. After spending the whole day diving, hiking and touring the island, the massage will rejuvenate your body and your senses as well. 
These massages of course, take place on the beach. All the famous beaches on the island including White Beach, have masseuse. Many of them can be found at Bulabog Beach. There are also massage stations nearby. 
What to See
Usually you just have to approach them and ask for a massage. In 
many cases, they will walk over and offer their services. When you agree on the price, you can just relax and let the masseuse do their work. 
You can get a massage while on the beach. You can just lie back, watch the beautiful scenery and feel your muscles relax. If it is too hot, the massage on the beach in Boracay can be performed under a tree. 
The benefits of massage has been known for thousands of years. One of the oldest known accounts is the Chinese book Cong-Fu of the Toa-Tse. This is the most ancient book known about massage. This book was translated into French, which helped spread its popularity across Europe. 
There is also evidence that by 2500 BC, the Egyptians were already practicing reflexology. There is also good evidence to indicate that massage was also practiced in India. 
Since that time, massage has become very popular in many countries around the world. Today, it has become a fixture in the beaches of Boracay. It is also offered in the hotels and resorts on the island. 
The fee is negotiable. The average fee is about 300 pesos. But it is easy to negotiate for a lower price. You should pay more if you are getting a long massage however. The massage stations will cost more. The minimum charge is 350 to 400 pesos. 
Other Info
Most of the massages are hard, but some can be of the softer variety. You just have to tell the person what kind of massage you want. If you are visiting the island for the first time, you can ask your friends for recommendations.
A massage on the beach in Boracay is just one way of relaxing. You can also get one at any of the hotels and resorts nearby. The services will cost more, but it will have additional amenities and accommodations. 

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