From Davao to Boracay

The journey from Davao to Boracay has become easier now compared to years past. The information below can be used to go to the island regardless of the season. 
Travel Options 
Any of the following options can be used, your preference being dictated by budget, and if time is limited. The time you spend on the trip will depend on the mode of transport you chose. 
Easiest Way 
The simplest and most practical way is to book a flight from Davao International Airport that will take you to Caticlan. If that is not possible, go on a flight that will take you to Kalibo. Either flight will last an hour. When you get to Caticlan, board one of the boats at the jetties. These will take you to the island. 
If your flight from Davao to Boracay lands you in Caticlan, the boat / ferry ride will take you to the island in 10 to 15 minutes. If you landed in Kalibo, the journey will be longer. 
After you land, you have to take a bus ride to Caticlan. This bus ride will take at least an hour and a half. When you reach Caticlan, the ferry will be waiting. The ferry will bring you to Boracay. 
Cheapest Way
A more affordable option is to take the ro-ro. After you get to the Caticlan Pier, you can get a ride on the boat and get to Boracay. The ferry ride will take 15 to 20 minutes. Your vehicle will be left at the pier. The biggest drawback is the ro-ro ride will take four to five hours. 
If you are unable to get a flight to Kalibo or Caticlan directly, you can get a flight to Manila or Cebu. From there you will have to get on another flight to the island. However, this should be a last resort as it takes a long time. 
If a travel agent arranged your trip, you will have to spend at least a thousand pesos. The plane tickets will cost a 2,000 to 3,000 pesos. Many of the airlines offer discounts especially during peak travel season. Make it a point to compare the prices of the airlines 
before buying the tickets. 
The journey from Davao to Boracay is not as difficult as it used to be. What is important is that you spend some time getting the details right. This way, you will get the best package possible.

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  1. ilike to go to boracay from manila then to davao,
    davao to manila. can you give me a website of air lines
    so i can book now?

  2. can i have the flight rates from davao to boracay for early bookings for march 2014 and also the hotel rates. thanks

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