Snorkeling at Crocodile Island

Snorkeling at Crocodile Island in Boracay remains one of the most exhilarating activities you can do. If you examine the travel tour packages on offer, a detour to this island is almost always present. 
The island is situated on the southern end of Boracay. You can reach the site by taking a speedboat or banca (traditional boat). From White Beach, the journey should take you no more than 20 minutes. 
What to See
As anyone who has gone snorkeling at the site will tell you, the wonders under the sea are truly a sight to behold. The aquatic life is rich, colorful and varied. The blue green waters are pure and clean. Fish of various colors can be seen. Purple, yellow and orange fish can be seen. 
There are also fish of various shades, ranging from white, red, blue and other hues. Some are polka dot while others are striped. The fish comes in different sizes and shapes as well. You will also see lion and scorpion fish. 
Snorkeling is the primary activity on the island. You can also go diving. Whatever your skill level is, the waters around the island will suit you. The novices will find the waters easy to navigate. The uninhabited island of course, is another attraction. 
Snorkeling at Crocodile Island in Boracay has been popular with tourists since the island became well known during the 1980s. As soon as the beauty of the island became known, people began exploring it. It was only natural that the underwater scenery became the object of much exploration. Early on, snorkeling would become a hit, and remains to this day. 
If you want to check the island out the cost will be at least 1,500 pesos up to 2,500 pesos. If the trip is part of a travel tour package, the price will be different. Those package will include island hopping, food, drinks etc. The cost will be higher.
Other Info
Also not to be missed are the corals on the sea bed. There are different types and they come in various colors. These corals also come in different forms and sizes. Keep in mind that the currents can get strong particularly during the lean season. 
If you have never tried snorkeling at Crocodile Island in Boracay, now is the best time to do it. There really are no words that can describe the view. It is something that must be seen.

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