Yellow Cab Pizza

The Menu

Yellow Cab Pizza is a restaurant chain that primarily sells pizza, the name basically is a giveaway as to the nature of its business. This pizza company has its headquarters in Philippine business capital, Makati. However, they also operate in other countries such as Guam, United States, Qatar, and Malaysia.
As you might obviously conjecture from the name of the store, they sell and deliver anything that is pizza and whatever else is related to it. In fact, a side dish that is well esteemed from this pizza store is their baked potato wedges. It's served with ranch dressing to complete the overall effect.
The pizza they serve is basically New York style, which simply means that the pizza flavors are styled after the usual stuff you get from the US. Well, the names are American sounding enough to convince the locals. Take for instance the names you'll find on their menu. You'll see names like Anchovy Lovers, Manhattan Meatlovers, Garden Pizza, New York Classic, Hawaiian, New York's Finest, Barbecue Chicken, and Corona Chicken Salsa among other things.
The other items on the menu are quite tempting as well. For instance, they have Twice-Baked Potato Halves, Hot Wings, Fleet Starters (chicken wings plus baked potatoes and tortilla), chicken pasta, spaghetti with meatballs, chicken alfredo pasta, tortilla chips, calzone grande, ham and cheese calzone, different types of soup, ice cream, and an array of different sandwiches.

The Restaurant

The Yellow Cab Pizza branch is right on the beach, which makes it very accessible to a lot of people. The decor has taken a little tropical twist from the original diner like style they usually have. Of course, the color yellow is still pretty dominant. You basically dine al fresco with a nice touch of a sea breeze to complete the festive mood.
Parked just outside the store are several delivery bikes styled in the usual flashy yellow and black. If you want to have a little bit of sand in your feet, you can dine in one of the tables situated right on the sand in front of the store. They're the ones with the huge umbrellas. The overall ambiance of the place is typically relaxed and laid back. Many folks just prefer to have their pizza delivered so you don't usually have to worry about finding a place to sit and eat.
Yellow Cab Pizza in Boracay is located in the middle of Stations 2 and 3. The nearest hotels in range are The Sands and Casa Pillar. A lot restaurants and bars are also close by.
Contact Info
The official Yellow Cab Pizza web site is at Their Boracay store is located in Manoc-Manoc. You call them and have your food delivered by dialing +63-36-288-5550.

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