Jetski in Boracay

Riding a jet ski in Boracay is proving to be one of the more popular watersports activities in the Philippines. There are now many companies that offer these services at affordable rates. 
These rental companies can be found all over the island. When you contact one, a speed boat will take you from the beach to the float. The float is where the jet ski is set. These are usually not more than a couple of kilometers from the beach. 
What to See
The waters around the island are beautiful, but there is nothing like being on a jet ski in Boracay. The rapid pace will make you feel like gliding or flying across the waves. 
If you picked the half hour ride, it will pass by very quickly. In some cases, the rides are divided into 10 or 15 minute rounds. This will give first time riders the chance to get used to it. 
The jet ski services have been offered on the island for a long time now. The quality of the services have improved along with the quality of the vehicles too. Today, these services are offered by many tour operators along with parasailing, boat riding and island hopping
Today, there are guides that provide the riders with instructions and a life vest. The guides will tell you what and what not to do. Foreigners need not worry as the guides will provide the instructions in English. They will instruct you on how to rev up the engine. The guide will accompany you in the first round. On the second, you can go solo. 
The price range is currently 600 to 1000 pesos for a half hour ride. A 60 minute ride will cost 1200 to 2000 pesos. Keep in mind that the costs will vary depending on the season. During high and peak season, the rental costs will probably be higher. 
Other Info 
Here are some reminders. Ensure the life vest is fit before starting the engine. When riding for the first time, do not engage the throttle too quickly. Make certain both hands are on the handlebars. When heading back to the dock, slow the vehicle down. 
Some people may feel hesitant about riding a jet ski in Boracay. The most common fear is that they will fall off. But it is actually quite easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will come back for more. 

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