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The adage is as old as dirt itself but it still rings true today – Filipinos just love to eat. This passion for food in the Philippines brings with it an equally strong interest in...
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The adage is as old as dirt itself but it still rings true today – Filipinos just love to eat. This passion for food in the Philippines brings with it an equally strong interest in cooking a variety of cuisines from all around the world. This love for cooking and food is quite visible in the island of Boracay that pretty much resembles a melting pot of international cuisines.

Needless to say, there is an amazing variety of different Boracay restaurants you'll find all over the island. Some of them express their own identity while others are pretty much just stick to the local cuisine. Since a lot of expats and other foreign nationals have come to love the island, they have literally come to stay and put up restaurants that serve their own local cuisine.

357 Boracay Restaurant

he resort where this restaurant is housed in is a multiple award winner. It's a beachfront restaurant thus you get quite a lovely view and a splendid atmosphere as you dine. It's on Boat Station 3, which keeps the crowd and hawkers away. You get the best samples of fine dining in this restaurant. The star of the menu is their chili crabs and country style baked ribs. Note that they charge 10% for service so expect your bill to be a bit higher than what you would expect.

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Andok's Boracay

Most locals will admit that Andok's isn't purely a restaurant in many parts of the country. To many locals, it's just one of the first things that will come to mind if their hungry for some chicken. The main item on their menu is either roasted or fried chicken. However, they also serve veggies and barbecue. This restaurant is also a good option for anyone who is backpacking on the shores of Boracay. Frugal tourists will find the meals here to be a haven; can you hear yourself saying one dollar meal? Its right in D'Mall at Boat Station 2 rubbing elbows with the more expensive restaurants in that part of the island.

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Aria Italian Restaurant

This restaurant has been rated as one of the best restaurants in Boracay. This means that you should expect the place to be usually packed during the peak season. They serve a true blue authentic Italian cuisine and people really order seconds every so often. An interesting favorite here is their squid ink pasta. The geniuses in the kitchen even use a genuine wood fire oven to create their pizza masterpieces. This restaurant is located on Station 2 where the crowd usually is and is situated right at the edge of D'Mall on the beach footpath.

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Arwana Restaurant

This is actually one of the many Boracay restaurants that also double up as a resort. Well, you see a lot of that on the island. The menu in this restaurant works well but there are some items that will need improving. However, most people don't come to this restaurant to pick on the food. They usually gather here to sample the really good cocktail. The beers and other drinks are quite popular and the prices are very affordable. This restaurant is located at Station 3 where things are rather more peaceful.

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Baracuda Snack Bar

Okay, so they don't serve barracudas in this snack bar. Interestingly enough, the big hits in this little restaurant are their pancakes and sandwiches, minus the ravenous fish the snack bar is named after. This place also caters to anyone with a nagging sweet tooth. Just try their fruit shakes and nice selection of sweet fruit drinks. Its health drinks and pancakes galore for anyone who wants to dine on a budget near Station 2.
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Bistro Valhalla Boracay

This is one of the Boracay restaurants that serve a fusion of various cuisines. However, the steaks do take center stage in this restaurant, which usually get the majority vote from the guests. The other delights served here include seafood, hamburgers, and a host of other Asian dishes. This one of a kind steakhouse also keeps a nice selection of wines for your discriminating taste.

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Bite Club Grilled Burgers

This interesting little burger flipping restaurant prides itself with legendary tasting burgers. Obviously, the restaurant serves American food. They serve a mozzarella filled quarter pound burger that is called Burgerella. If you're a fan of large food portions then you'd love their one pound burger. The name of the restaurant seems like a playful bit of wordplay for the Fight Club movie. At any rate, the food here will put up a fight if you're not used to their serving sizes. The restaurant is right at D'Mall in Station 2.

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Boracay Steakhouse

This is one of the Boracay restaurants that primarily serve steak. It's located at the core of the island but still on Station 1. Expect to be served Aussie steaks to your heart's delight. They also serve European dishes to complete the overall theme. The food prices here are quite reasonable. Note that chocolate shakes or a cup of coffee after a fulfilling meal will top things off here quite nicely.

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Cafe Breizh

This is one of the many restaurants in Boracay that serves authentic French cuisine. Their fruit crepes take the stage as it can easily become a favorite to anyone who's new to the place. On top of that, they also have a nice selection of alcohol and wine to wash away all of the stuff you heartily ate. The atmosphere here is relaxed and quite soothing since you also have the option to dine on the sands. This cafe is located on Station 2, right where the huge crowd is at.

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Cafe Christina

The smell of warm brews never fails to warm the heart in this neat little cafe. The ambiance rings a bell with fine dining as the place is set up for such. It's the kind of place where you can take someone out for coffee as a nice set up for a romantic evening. They serve a fusion of Filipino and Italian cuisine. They also have a nice selection of wine to complete the romantic effect. Cafe Christina is one of the dining sections of Boracay Regency and is located on the North Beach Wing of the hotel.

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Cafe del Mar

This cafe is situated about a short distance from White Beach. It's a nice little escape from the general tourist throng. The food here is quite alright and the ambiance is pretty much designed for a romantic dinner for two. Note that the music vibe immediately switches from house and hip hop to soft and mellow when you walk through their doors.

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Cafe del Sol Boracay

This is one of the pretty little coffee shops you'll find here. It's easy to find since its located right next to Aria and is situated at the entrance of D'Mall. It's a cozy place to have a cup of coffee and chill out after partying. The house specialty, other than coffee, is their strawberry cheesecake. The prices are a bit steep but the food and brews are truly excellent. It's arguably one of the best places to get coffee on the island.

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Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant

This bar and restaurant serves a fusion of Asian and European cuisine. If you have the stomach for it, you may even try some of the exotic dishes they serve – if not then just stick with the European food. The menu is quite extensive and they even have stuff for your sweet tooth. The ambiance here is more relaxed though it does have a touch of fine dining to it. This restaurant is situated near Red Pirates and Bolero Rum Bar, which makes it a nice retreat from the party.

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Casa Pilar Restaurant

Casa Pilar is one of the resorts you'll find on Station 2. They have an interesting restaurant with an ambiance that takes on the usual ethnic vibe, which is pretty common on the island. The food prices are pretty much average and they serve both Filipino and international cuisine. The squid recipes on their menu are quite exquisite so be sure to try them out. They are open from seven in the morning to ten in the evening.
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Chez de Paris

This restaurant on Boat Station 2 is one of the oldest foreign restaurants on the island. They've been around since 1981. The owner of the place is a French expat but they serve food from a wide variety of cuisine including Filipino, French, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Vegetarian, and all food that is simply good to eat. The prices here are pretty reasonable and budget friendly. The chef can even whip something up just for you upon request. The staff will be more than willing to accommodate your requests.

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CNN Cafe

Nope, they don't deliver the news here but they do serve great food. It's one of the Boracay restaurants that serve a mix of European and the local cuisine. The ambiance set here is rather laid back, which is a great way to escape formality and let loose for a while. The beachfront view completes the choice relaxed atmosphere.

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Cocoloco is one of the Boracay restaurants that offer a mix of Filipino and European cuisines. The ambiance is pretty good since everything seems very peaceful in the Angol area at Boat Station 3. It's the kind of place where you can take your family or simply just set things up for an easy going but romantic dinner for two.

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Courtyard Bistro

This is plainly one of the places where many cuisines meet and jive. You'll find oriental and continental side by side on the menu. Of course, they also serve Filipino food and other cuisines as well. Another highlight is the fact that this bistro is on the eastern sporty side of the island. If you're done wind- or kite-surfing for the day, you can slip right into this bistro and enjoy a fine meal.

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Cowboy Cocina Boracay

The name of this Boracay restaurant is a little mincing at words blending the word "cowboy" with the Spanish "cocina." Given the aforementioned coining of terms, you can tell that the place serves "cowboy" or American cuisine. Don't miss out on their Sunday roast or have a daily munch at their fish and chips. It's an interesting addition to the homey places at Angol Point. With a fun family atmosphere, the place is a big hit with many customers.

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Crab House

Many people would think that this Boracay restaurant was built exclusively to serve crabs. Well, Crab House does serve and cook crabs in a million different ways before you can even spell them. Their prawn specials are just as good to try as well. No, their coolers and drinks don't have crabs in them. The cozy and laidback atmosphere in this resort is nothing short of inviting thus making it quite popular in Station 1, where all things are usually more peaceful.

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If you're a fan of Greek cuisine then try the food at Cyma. This is one of the Boracay restaurants that serve a foreign cuisine. It's located at the D'Mall Plaza. The ambiance is comfy and the furnishings are pretty modern. Some of the local favorites here include Flaming Saganaki and their Fondue made of Spinach plus Artichoke. Their Chicken Gyros is also a big hit with many people. They serve "family sized" portions, which is also one reason why you should bring the gang over when you dine here.

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The name of the place is a colloquial term for an every day wet market in the Philippines. The set up they have here is pretty much the same as the other talipapa you will find in Manila. You have a little market on one hand where you can pick fresh food and have it brought to one of the small restaurants/eateries also located in the compound. You then get to wait a bit until the food you bought gets cooked. The eateries will charge around Php 100 for every kilo of food you ask them to cook. They provide the tables and other dining facilities and serve your food later on. It's a great way to have a feast with friends or family. Boracay's talipapa is located on Station 2.

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Da Mario Pizzeria and Ristorante

Judging by the name of this Boracay restaurant, you can easily guess that they serve Italian food. Not only that, they actually serve authentic Italian cuisine. The food they serve you here can easily become favorites for anyone. The pizzas here are truly commendable. Another plus about this restaurant is that it's kind of secluded on its quiet little end of Station 3. It's a perfect for a romantic dinner by candlelight at the shore minus the crazy crowd of White Beach.

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Discovery Shores Boracay

If you're a sucker for buffets then you'll love the buffet served in Discovery Shores. They have two restaurants in this resort namely Indigo Restaurant and Sands Restaurant. Indigo Restaurant is a great place for fine dining plus their selection of wine is quite a charming delight. If you're looking for great views of the beach while sampling good food with a bit of a laidback atmosphere then try the food in Sands Restaurant. The al fresco dining experience here is truly divine either during the sunrise or sunset.

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Don Vito

This is one of the more popular dining places in the island and it's also one of the many Boracay restaurants that serve a fusion of Asian and European cuisine. Now, what makes this place that popular other than good food? Well, it's all about meal price, which is really budget-friendly. Don Vito is located near Station 2 so you can slip away from the party scene grab a quick bite and get back pronto.

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Dos Mestizos

This is one of the Spanish food serving Boracay restaurants you'll find here. It's located on the quieter side of the island right on Station 3 and is a bit of a distance from the Tourist Center. You'll pass by this restaurant if you go by the island's main road. Judging by the name of the place, the atmosphere and the food really takes on a genuine Spanish vibe. They serve a delectable set of good food on their menu. They also have a nice array of dishes for vegetarians. Establishments near this restaurant include Bamboo Bungalow Rest Houses and Jony's Beach Resort.

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Floremar Pizzeria da Mario

This pizzeria offers some of the most affordable food on the island of Boracay. This is also another hot spot for anyone on a shoestring budget on the island. The food is served outdoors and you get to enjoy your favorite pasta right there on the sands. The staff is truly attentive to your needs and you get that genuine Filipino hospitality. This budget and family friendly restaurant is located on the quiet sands of Angol at the very end of the footpath of White Beach.

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Well they won't call it the Fishbar if they don't sell seafood – and that would be the house specialty. They also have fish and chips with a twist, which is an interesting thing to try. If you're not fond of rice you can go for their tuna items try their pasta with seafood. Meal prices here would be on average in the island. Fishbar is located in D'Mall so it's really easy to get to.

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Friday's Boracay

Friday's is one of the popular restaurant names in the Philippines and they have also made their hole on the island of Boracay. The menu is quite extensive but the meal prices lean a bit toward the pricey side. The staff is well attentive and they even serve a buffet. The restaurant has a reputation to keep so they have high standards from keeping the food fresh and making sure everything is spick-and-span. It's located at the far end of Station 1.

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Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

In case you're looking for a quick getaway from the summer heat, try the soothing and cooling flavors from this funky little ice cream parlor of sorts. The ambiance here is comfy and cozy plus you get the chance to enjoy their cool concoctions right on the beach. The ice cream they serve is as flavorful as it is creamy. Another big hit among the many customers is their set of sundae concoctions. The ice cream served here isn't that budget friendly compared to the regular Filipino prices but you do get your money's worth. This homey ice creamery is located on Station 3.

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A lot of the folks who have been here claim that they have the best baby back ribs on the island. Well, it appears that Gasthof is one of the restaurants in the island of Boracay that will be more than happy to live up to the challenge. They also serve German food, which is an added plus. It's located at the beachfront of D'Mall, which is a huge plus if you're looking for a relaxing atmosphere while dining.

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Gazebo Grill

Gazebo Grill is located on the Boracay Regency's North Beach Wing and is one of the funkiest places to dine al fresco. It's the place in Regency where you can hang loose and enjoy good old fashioned grilled food. Their char grilled delicacies include a wide selection of seafood to poultry and meat options. You even get to watch how your food is prepared as you lounge under a native styled hut of a restaurant.

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Gerry's Grill

Gerry's Grill is a homegrown restaurant in the Philippines. It's one of the prime achievers in the food service industry in the country. They apparently made their way into Boracay to challenge the other grill restaurants and cafes. The restaurant primarily serves grilled food in high Filipino fashion, obviously. Local favorites from this restaurant are their fine selection of seafood. The restaurant is pretty easy to find since its right where the action is on Station 2. It's located right next to the ever popular Starbucks if you follow the beach path.

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Hama Japanese Restaurant

Are you hungry for all things Japanese? Well head on straight to Hama Japanese Restaurant. It's located on Station 2 so finding it won't be too much of a hassle. Must haves from this restaurant include teriyaki, tempura, and sashimi. The place takes on a rather modern tropical ambiance with a touch of Japanese of course. So, if you're in D'Mall, make sure to try the food here if you're up for it.

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Jammers Restaurant is simply a good option to dine in when you're backpacking in Boracay. The food is pretty much like what you get out of your favorite home town fast food chain. The place even looks like one except that it's right in a tropical island. Diners get to feast on hotdogs, burgers, French fries and a lot of other side dishes. To complete the fast food effect, the place is open 24/7. If you've cooked up an appetite in the middle of the night, this is a great place to run off to just to grab a quick bite. Jammers is located D'Mall so no one should miss it.

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Jonah's Fruit Shake and Snack Bar

Jonah's fulfills what many people envision to be a tropical island getaway. Well, they actually just fulfill that part where you get to hold a cool drink and sip the contents via a nice looking glass complete with a straw, tiny umbrella, and whatever you might like to add to it. Seriously, this fruit shake store slash and snack bar completes anyone's total Boracay experience. You will never hear anyone complain about their fruit shakes. It's located right on the sands of White Beach with Shangri-La Boracay and La Reserve Restaurant close by.

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Jony's Bar and Restaurant

This is one of the hip places to be if you're somewhere in Boracay's Station 1. If you're looking for a great place to hangout with the family or the gang then this restaurant is very good option. The piñacolada they serve is truly tasty and is a good way to vanquish the tropical heat. They serve quite an interesting set of Mexican food. However, do take note that the meals here may be a bit too pricey for your taste.

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Kaeseke Restaurant

Anyone who can't have enough of Japanese cuisine will have their heart's content right here. This Japanese restaurant is pretty popular both with the locals and foreign tourists. The only drawback is that the meal prices are a bit steep but you do get to enjoy great tasting genuine Japanese food served hot.

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This is the roof top restaurant you'll find in the Tides Hotel. The name of the establishment is taken from the local Visayan dialect which means "eat." This restaurant primarily serves Filipino dishes. Their chef specializes in progressive Filipino dishes, which basically means the meals can be toned down a bit to suit the tastes of various guests. If you want to get a good introduction to the local cuisine, then sample the food here.
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The cuisine served in this Boracay restaurant is fundamentally Moroccan, which is one of the major evidences of the diversity of flavors you can from the island. If you're not familiar with Moroccan food then this is a good eye opener. Their wine selection is also quite noteworthy. Their menu is also quite nice and has a great selection for vegetarians as well. It's located right on Station 1 and is within the vicinity of Discovery Shores.

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Kingfisher Farm

Now that is a funky name for a restaurant, but hey, they serve one of the all time favorites in Boracay Island – grilled seafood. Though they call it a farm, it's the kind of place you go out with your friends to simply hang out and grab a beer. The meal prices run along the lines of the average in Boracay. This restaurant is located in Manoc-Manoc, which is quite near to White Beach.

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La Reserve Restaurant

If you want to go French then go to La Reserve! It's right at Boat Station 2 so it's just where the party is going to be. The place is a good introduction to French cuisine if you're not familiar with it. Other than the perfectly cooked French food with names you'd rather not bother learn how to spell but will leave you tongue tied and elated, their cappuccino is also quite as exceptional as well. Those who have dined here highly recommend it.

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Lemon Cafe

This bright and bubbly cafe is situated right at the D'Mall Plaza in Station 1, which makes it rather easy to find. They have a good selection of bread and sandwiches. Their summer coolers like their watermelon ginger shake are really worth trying. They also have a good mix of salads and veggie options as well. If you're looking for a great place for snacks away from the beach crowd then this cafe is a wonderful option. The atmosphere is rather relaxed and the selection of pastries is a truly welcome treat. Nevertheless, they are open to serve guests any time of the day.

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Manana Mexican Cuisine

This is one of the Boracay restaurants that serve a hot chili dose of Mexican food. The beachfront view is pretty good, which adds to the general ambiance. They serve good burritos and their chichimangas are quite a delight. Another plus is that they serve larger than average portions. The food prices are a bit higher than usual but it's really good value for your money.

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Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

This cafe takes on a more ethnic look with bamboo furnishings pretty much dictating the ambiance. The place has a rather homey appeal and is a common convergence zone for many visitors to the island. Their cookies, sandwiches, and muffins will definitely make your day. Breakfasts here are also pretty much a delight no wonder a lot of folks like to spend their mornings here. Their omelets and pancakes will simply remind you of home. This cafe isn't that hard to find since its right near Hey Jude Bar and Aria Restaurant. Shangri-La Boracay and Discovery Shores are also close by.

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Nagisa Coffee Shop

They call this place a coffee shop but it's actually one of the Boracay restaurants that serve Japanese food. Well, you can say that it's a Japanese cuisine restaurant slash coffee shop. It's located at Station 3 on Surfside Resort and Spa. Expect their Japanese selection to be quite good, which includes tempura and okonomiyaki. Note that the food prices here are pretty much above average.

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Nami Boracay

This is one of the Boracay restaurants that provide a nice escape from the crowd while looking for a place to eat. The resort housing the restaurant is located on Diniwid Beach, which is why you get to enjoy great tropical views as you dine away from the throng of tourists on White Beach. The prices are a bit steep compared to the average food prices on the island but the ambiance and the great food do make up for the cost. They serve a lot of sea food but the other items on the menu, like their chicken for instance, are truly delectable.

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Obama Grill Restaurant and Bar

This is one of the Boracay restaurants located right on the beach. You get good views as you enjoy grilled food. This bar and grill is also a steakhouse. Be sure to try their shakes along with your favorite shake. The fries they serve are also quite commendable as well. They also serve a good deal of food from the local cuisine and a nice selection of seafood.

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Ole Spanish Restaurant

This is one of the Boracay restaurants that add a bit of Spanish flavor to the mix of various cuisines on the island. The ambiance here is pretty much like a little tropical snack bar. Just trying to read the items on their menu can make you sound very Spanish. Of course, the locals who eat here will basically go for the rice dishes but their Tapas do reel in a huge majority of their patrons. Afternoons are made more alive by their rather rich list of imported beers. Ole is right in D'Mall so it's very accessible.

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Paraiso Grill

This is one of the many Boracay restaurants that specialize on grilled food, which is now pretty common on the island nowadays. It's located on Station 2, making it very accessible to anyone. Like the many grill restaurants on the island, this one serves a load of seafood on their menu. If you haven't tried grilled lobster before then you'll enjoy how they grill it to perfection. Food prices here run along the lines of the average food prices in the island.

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Prana Restaurant

Health buffs and vegetarians will truly enjoy the cuisine served in this Boracay restaurant. The cuisine is basically organic and vegetarian drawing inspiration from both oriental and western cuisines. Another plus about this place is that some of the items they have on their menu are priced lower than the average food price on the island.

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Red Coconut

Red Coconut Resort's Coco Bar and Restaurant can really whip up a lot of delights for your palate. They simply keep every night alive with their seafood grills. Their grilled food has made quite a name on the island. Other than grilled food, they serve a variety of local and international cuisines. It's pretty much a popular place to hang out and unwind after the day has come and gone.

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Siam Chili

Those who are looking for a taste of Thai food are welcome to try the fiery fusions in Siam Chili. Some folks would like to think that the food here is the closest thing to authentic Thai cuisine. Well, as a matter of fact, the chef who is the mastermind behind the dishes on served on the trays to your table once worked in Thailand. Some of the dishes look really innocent, like the spring roll veggies. One bite is enough to convince anyone that it has that fiery twang. Note that the great food comes with a 10% service charge so prices will be jacked up slightly. This isn't a beachfront restaurant but can easily be found at Station 2. Juice Bar, Boracay Regency, and Lonely Planet Cafe are pretty close to Siam Chili.

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Smoke Restaurant

This is one of the many Boracay restaurants right on D'Mall. It's actually one of the inexpensive places to go to whenever you're hungry. They serve a lot of Filipino food but the star of their menu is their barbecue. If you're the type who loves to eat and munch a lot you'll be sure to enjoy the large servings they have in store for the guests. As a bit of a warning, expect to find a crowd dining here especially during peak season. The people who usually eat here are a mix of locals and foreigners. Their bulalo soup is also quite popular.

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Sea Breeze Cafe

This elegant cafe is one of the stars in Boracay Regency. It's located on the hotel's main beach wing and is right on the beach. If you're looking for a bit more than average dining experience then this cafe is a good option. Sure, there are a lot of buffet places in the island of Boracay but theirs is a few notches up by comparison. The attractive yet cozy ambiance sets up the dining mood quite nicely. However, do take note that the food prices here are a bit steep.

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Spider House

Spider House is one of the interesting places to dine in the island. It's one of the unique Boracay restaurants. It's located on the rocky shores of Diniwid Beach and is set amongst the rocks. The resort housing the little restaurant is natively pretty. The place takes on a rather ethnic appeal. They serve alcohol, which includes the local beer and some vodka.

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Starbucks Boracay

Starbucks invaded the sands of Boracay way back in 2009 bringing with them their all time favorite brews and concoctions. Their spot on the island is right on the beach which makes an afternoon or mid-morning coffee an irresistible option. Of course, they do serve their all time favorites like frappucino, cheesecake, banana loaf, and cafe mocha among many others. Of course, the prices are also a bit jacked up but it's well worth the price.

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Sun Central Cafe

This is a beachfront cafe that offers splendid views and the best of the local cuisine. The ambiance of this little cafe incorporates a lot of Polynesian themes. The funky little bamboo and wooden seats right on the beach blends well with the native original splendor of the old Boracay atmosphere. They also serve continental and Asian specialties among other things. The cafe is a short distance from D'Mall but it's still at Boat Station 2.

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The Original Hawaiian Bar-B-Que

They may spell barbecue in a bit of a funky way but they sure serve great ribs. If you're the type that doesn't care much about the ambiance as much as you care for the food then the grilled food served here is more than enough to curb any craving. Don't forget to order baked potatoes with your grilled food. Ambiance-wise, the place is alright, nothing that fancy, though a little cramped so to speak. The restaurant is located on Station 1, a pretty nice location on the island.

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The Tides Restaurant

The Tides Hotel has its own gem of a place to dine. It's actually one of the classiest Boracay restaurants you can find. Their chicken delicacies are quite commendable and the servings are pretty generous indeed. Veggie lovers will find their menu a delight and you'll find that it's one of the popular items on their menu. The hotel and restaurant is located right smack in between Station 1 and Station 2.

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This is also one of the fine samples of culinary diversity in the Philippines. This restaurant serves fine European cuisine and is one of the pearls in Asya Resort. This restaurant has built its name and fame as it has been highly recommended at one time in a New York Times travel review of Boracay. Enjoy a great fusion of European and Asian dishes with a touch of sophistication.

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True Food

This restaurant specializes in classic Indian food. Diners will get a one of a kind ambiance from this restaurant. The pillows at the dining area really make the place quite cozy. The items on their menu are special treats for vegetarians. Their naan bread is well recommended among the other items on their menu. You can even ask the spice to be adjusted to suit your taste in case you're not that fond of spicy food. It's a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy drinks along with good food.

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Wahine Restaurant

It's a Mongolian cuisine feast at budget food prices in Wahine Restaurant. However, if you don't fancy that then try the other stuff they have cooking. They also serve seafood and pizza. Food here is more affordable than the average food prices on the island, which makes it an interesting deal for backpackers. This restaurant is located at Diniwid Beach, safely tucked away from the party crowd.

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Yellow Cab Pizza

This is a pretty popular pizza place in the Philippines and they have made their way into Boracay. They specialize in New York style pizza and their serving sizes are larger than usual compared to the other local pizza parlors in the country. The ingredients are kept fresh and food is served hot. Food prices here are pretty much on average with the rates in the island. They also deliver pizza as an added convenience.

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Zhu Asian Cuisine

This is also one of the dining facilities in Boracay Regency and is located at the hotel's Main Beach Wing. Walking into the restaurant, you can immediately feel the Asian splendor. Of course, they serve Asian food, but their menu draws fine dishes from various countries on the eastern side of the globe. This restaurant serves lunches starting at 11 am and dinners usually come at 6 pm.

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This is one of the rather stylish night time dinner places on Boracay. They serve Greek cuisine including some of the well-known seafood. Some people have rated the place as a bit of an average Boracay restaurant. The food is good but all in all, it was just an okay experience. Some of the items on the menu to look out for include tzatiziki, soulvaki, humus, and gyros. However, the star of any meal in this restaurant will have to go to their dessert. A special mention should be made about their choco melt parfait. This restaurant is located on Station 1.

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Bars & Nightlife

Boracay Bars and Nightlife

The secret is out and there's no way to hide the fact that Boracay has its very own nightlife and party scene. Well, what would you expect if you have a bunch of great bars set up on the island? However, take note that the nightlife scene here isn't the same as the one you'll find in let's say, Angeles City. To wit, you can say that the one you'll find in Boracay is a bit more family friendly and is turned down several notches by comparison.
Happy hour usually starts on the island from around five in the afternoon to seven in the evening. However, some Boracay bars start their happy hours a lot earlier like 2 pm and onwards. It really depends on the bar but they usually bring out the beer in the afternoon. Expect to sample tropical drinks with your booze and don't miss out on the barbecue buffet and excellent music. Note that the nightlife vibe on the island is a bit fluid.
Where's the Party?
Station 2 is right where the party is at with vibrant music filling the evening air. Of course, some of the Boracay bars here in this boat station like Pat's Creek and Bom Bom Bar do offer a softer toned evening. There's usually live music right on the beach and fire dancers lighting up the evening.
Those who are not much into the wild nightlife parties should try the acts they can find on Station 3. The Boracay Bars there are kind of more down to earth than the rest of the bars on the island. This boat station is a quieter section of the white sands. Note that Friday nights usually becomes beach barbecue nights in Station 3. You get to enjoy interesting local tropical concoctions with mouthwatering barbecue over live island and reggae music.
Some bars even host musical events and have DJ's mix up the tunes and pull out the trance so people can party the night away. Expect to find more people here in Station 2 than the rest of the island when the sun goes down. Do take note that the expats usually tend to hang out in the area of D'Mall and places nearby.
Live music comes up every now and then on Station 1 where the nightlife scene is a little more docile compared to Station 2. The larger resorts that have their very own bars usually provide the live bands and evening entertainment. As a bit of a tip, don't miss out the full moon parties at Cocomangas – things get pretty cooked up there for some reason. If you're brave enough you can even try their 15 shooters challenge.
When to Party?
The next question is when would be the best party nights in Boracay. The answer is that the party is on in the island every night! Of course, admittedly, some nights are truly much better than the rest. Now, here's a big hint. There are certain times in the year when a lot of brand promotion is going on. These are times when get a lot of drinks and other stuff for free, which basically makes the party even grander than ever. So, this basically makes the Christmas-New Year's Week Holiday, Halloween, and Easter Holidays some of the best times to party on the island.
Without further adieu, here are the party places and Boracay bars you might want to check out:
Bom Bom Bar
This nightlife destination is one of the most recommended places to hang out when the sun takes a dive. It's situated at Station 2, where most of the party places are at. You can find it by going to the area where D'Mall is closest to the beach. The place is designed with a native Caribbean beat to it. They also feature live music, which is usually filled with reggae sounds. Happy hour starts early in this Boracay bar, starts at 2 pm. Beer is regularly priced at Php 70.
Guilly's Island
Guilly's Island is one of the bars on the white sands of Boracay that offers parties that extend onto the beach. The party here usually lasts until the wee hours of the morning. They serve an array of international cuisines plus a fiery tequila mix that might be a bit of a challenge. Their DJ's are response able enough to figure out how to keep the party alive all the time.
Pat's Creek Bar
This is also another one of the more popular Boracay bars on White Beach. This bar is actually located right next to Bom Bom Bar so you don't really have to go that far to enjoy the scene from both of these top rated party places. It also has a native driftwood design complete with that Bob Marley ambiance. Beers go for Php 60 to Php 70 and happy hours also start early here at 2 pm.
MAMA's Bar, Restaurant, and Chillout Lounge
It's a chillout lounge so expect things to be more tamed and family friendly. If anything, the Austrian-German cuisine is simply delish. The owner, Marcus, can cook up a feast and is friendly with the guests. All in all, it's a great place to relax and hang out for a quieter and more private evening.
Ambassador is the in-house bar of Paradise Hotel. To put things simpler terms, it's kind of a perfect place for a romantic evening. They serve contemporary cuisine plus Japanese food and a load of grilled delights. The music here is more relaxed and tasteful. They also have a nice selection of wines you can choose from. Most people sit down at their tables hungry and get up completely satisfied.
Exit Bar
The Exit Bar is usually a place where an interesting mix of folks from various backgrounds converges. The bar is located near Station 1. If you're at Bom Bom Bar, head out in the direction of Red Coconut and you'll find this bar along the way. It's just a small bar and hangout place compared to other bars on the island but it sure packs a great party atmosphere thanks to owners Jojo and Kevin who whip up a good crowd. The ambiance takes on a rather native air to it and the furnishings are pretty much made of bamboo and other native materials.
Hey Jude Bar and Bistro
This bar and restaurant has been described as a cool hangout place on more than one occasion. It's located on White Beach and is at the D'Mall center path. You can hardly miss it but if you can't find it just look around in the D'Mall beach area. The drinks are a festive mix and will guarantee a party that will last until the sun starts to rise in the horizon.
Juice Bar
This bar is located on Station 2 and is situated right next to Mandarin Hotel. It's one of the hottest bars on the island and is right smack where the party is. It's one of the most popular Boracay bars out there. They have a DJ on board to supply the party vibe all night long. This bar mainly attracts the younger generation with the dancing and party spilling out all over the place. Regular rates are at Php 70 but note that their margaritas go for Php 130. Happy hour here usually starts at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm.
Summer Place
Some people would love to argue that this is the best nightspot in all of Boracay. Well, of course, people can pull out several names of other Boracay bars but you will usually find this bar rated as one of the very best on the island's white sands. It's a beachfront bar at Boat Station 2, which means that the party spills out into the beautiful sands at times. You usually find a good mix of people in Summer Place and the Mongolian Barbecue they serve compliments the drinks very well.
Cocomangas is also one of the more popular bars here in the island. It's located in Station 1. Happy hour here starts late at 7:30 pm but you keep getting two for one drinks until 9:30 pm, which is already a good deal. Rates start at Php 65 for your drinks. This place is a classic and has been around since 1987. The dance floor is kept alive and vibrant with their in house DJ playing house and hip hop all night. The bean bag seating is a comfortable trend in this part of Boracay.
Club Paraw
This is one of the nightlife spots on the island that is set on quieter and more relaxed scenery. It's a great chill-out place if you want to spend a bit of a more relaxing evening. They do have an in-house DJ to supply the music and keep the party going. The bar is situated on Station 1 so you can expect the guests to be a bit more refined and somewhat artsy and classy. Happy hours start at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm, which also means you get two for one beer and drinks. Beers sell in Club Paraw starting at Php 75.
Ngi Ngi's Bar
Ngi Ngi's is only a short walk away from Boracay Regency. It's one of the beachfront bars on Station 2 and it is usually packed. Very few people complain about the service and the food, though it's not rated as one of the very best the island has to offer. However, the number of people you find here is a firm testament why it's a cool place to hang out at night. Just make sure you come to the bar before happy hour, which starts at 5 pm. That is usually the time when the huge bulk of people come in. Don't miss out on their fish fingers and chicken satay. The Sunday roast is a good thing to throw into your table as well.
Friday's Boracay Bar
Friday's Boracay is one of the pioneer triple-A resorts on the island. Such distinguished status can only be matched by an equally interesting bar. It's located on Station 1 at the northern end of White Beach. The bar itself is right at the beach and has a native twang about it. The pride of this bar is their very extensive wine selection, which can basically perk anyone's interest. You might also want to enjoy their premium cigars from the Dominican Republic and Cuba.
Kurt's Bar
This is one of the popular Boracay bars near Station 3. It's a neat place and quite popular on the island for serving draft beer. Folks usually come over to meet and just chat around. They serve both Filipino and German cuisine. Put together a Jager Schnitzel plus a frothy beer then you really have enough for anyone's fill.
Charlh's Bar
This one of the Boracay bars located near Stations 2 and 3. The beer here is mildly priced at Php 50 and their outstanding piña colada is at Php 150. Happy hour in this bar starts in the afternoon at 5 pm and lasts for four hours. You can basically get a free drink for every drink you order. This is the only bar on the beach side of the island's footpath. The place is quite iconic and everyone knows where it is. People usually just sit right on the beach, enjoy their drinks, and watch the live band make their music.
Pier One
This place was once known as Beachcomber Disco. It's located on Station 1 providing a rather relaxed and casual atmosphere. This bar usually caters to the younger crowd but you get to see other folks joining in as well. Popular music icons from Manila usually perform here but the usual techno and hip hop music is the regular vibe you get to hear.
Red Pirates
This little bar at the beach is quite popular in the island for its native theme and chill out ambiance. The evening is lit by torches and candles, which is an essential element to set the island mood. The tribal and ethnic sounds also contribute to the general ambiance. Drinks here are pretty reasonable and the food can easily hit the spot right on. You don't usually get hassled by crowds or even vendors due to its location. You can enjoy your drink with friends or chat away with a complete stranger. Others just love to enjoy the scene and vibes while swinging in a hammock.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu is one of the newer Boracay bars and party hot spots. Guess what, it's also located on Station 2. The items you'll find on the menu include a good mix of western cuisine including pizzas, burgers, and sizzling wings. The place is very promising with DJ's spinning the night away, which basically enhances the mood. Their cocktail mixes are also quite interesting. One of the really good sides about this bar is the fact that it has a very long happy hour, starting at noon and ending at 8 pm. Now, that's a pretty long time to enjoy the concoctions and other highlights of Deja Vu.
Crafty's Rooftop Bar
The name of this bar isn't that crafty, well it's right atop Crafts Department Store so the little coining of the term can sound a bit cheesy come to think of it. However, that isn't what you'll get out of their beer and drinks. The menu is quite excellent, which includes dishes from a variety of international cuisines. Since you're spending your time at the rooftop, you get a one of a kind view of the popular Boracay sunset. Nothing like chilling out in the afternoon and watching the sun drop slowly into the horizon with a cool breeze in your face as you enjoy a cool beer and hot food. Their selection of imported beers is quite extensive and commendable.
This is one of the Boracay bars and nightlife places where the expats often congregate. The big reason of course is the fun ambiance this bar has. It's a classic friendly English pub type of bar where the staff greets you will all smiles. Happy hour starts in Rumbas at 4 pm and usually lasts until 7 pm. The food and drinks are priced just right plus the location is pretty good too, right at D'Mall. This is a good staging point to start your bar hopping night since the other bars are just around.
Loco Frio
Loco Frio is the place to enjoy some crazy cocktail. It's located right in between Station 1 and Station 2 so you can get the best out of both places if you go bar hopping in Boracay. It's a slushy mix delight for all guests every night mixed with your preferred alcoholic drink. An equally astounding deal is that you get discounts if you keep your tumbler and take it to the refilling outlet on the main road.
Blue Mango Bar
This was once known as Jazzed Up Cafe. Well, it now has a dive shop plus it's set up as a bar slash restaurant. It's one of the Boracay bars at Angol Point. The place is designed with murals and the decor is quite imaginative. The view off the roof deck is priceless so don't miss out on their sunset cocktail.
Bubbles Bar
This is another bar making up the Angol nightlife scene. It's more of a place to enjoy your drink and chat instead of a raving party place. It's actually a nice refreshing change from shouting to your friends over loud techno music. The laidback atmosphere is quite welcoming plus the island appeal completes the ambiance. Don't miss out on their barbecue parties that usually occur during the peak season in Boracay.
Epic Bar
The Epic Bar is one of the hottest places you go to for some amazing nightlife on the island. This is actually one of the largest clubs you'll find on the island of Boracay. The ambiance here leans toward a classy lounge rather than just some crazy party zone at some other place. They serve a mix of Asian and western cuisine, which adds to the overall genuine appeal of this bar. They usually have a famous DJ spin the music to keep the dancing fever up all night. It's also very easy to find since its situated right in D'Mall.
Bamboo Bar and Resto
It might look like a simple place to dine but the place comes alive with fire dancers blazing the night with mesmerizing maneuvers. Take a memento of your time here and pause for a photo op with the lovely fire twirlers. All in all, the place is a great spot to chill out. The food they serve with the drinks are also commendable. Fine wine with angus beef served here is something you don't want to miss.
Orange Sky Club
This is one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the island of Boracay. It's cocktails, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, beer, and scotch galore every night. Like many of the bars on the island, they serve grilled food to your heart's content. Yes, they usually have grilled seafood, which is a lot healthier for many folks. The DJ's here play the now prevalent house, hip hop, and R&B. This basically means that you should expect the younger generation to be flocking here at night. The party stays up all night long and casual atmosphere is pretty inviting. In fact, you get to see a nice mix of people from different backgrounds converging here. Drinks here cost at Php 70 and the more expensive cocktails will require Php 150.
If you're the type who wants to enjoy a fine selection of wine and drinks in a rather formal setting then try the Cork Bar. Wine connoisseurs will have quite a good time here. Their selection is pretty broad and can suit any kind of taste or budget. The formal ambiance is pervasive and promises truly elegant evenings. The Cork is located on Station 2 at the ground floor of Regency Lagoon.
Hobbit House
This is one of the bars in Boracay where you see bands perform every night. So, if you're into musical gigs over a mug of beer then this is the place for you. It's located at D'Mall Plaza so you really won't have any hassle trying to find it. The place is pretty laid back and you get the unique opportunity of having hobbits serve your food and drinks. The staff and personnel are very accommodating and it's a great place for casual meet ups and night out among friends.
Jungle Bar
If you're looking for a bar on Bulabog Beach then the Jungle Bar is a pretty good candidate among the other options on the eastern side of Boracay Island. The name of the bar basically gives you an idea about its general atmosphere. Fire dancers keep the night bright and lively. The ethnic drums and dances gives you that grass roots feel. The bar itself has a native design – more like a tree house – and the music also leans toward a reggae vibe. They also celebrate a full moon party that is worth looking into.
Bolero Rum Bar and Mexican Kitchen
This one of a kind bar is one of the pretty unique Boracay Bars. It's located on the area in between the island's Tourist Center and Station 3. It's on a quieter section of the island and promises great food and drinks with an attitude. They serve Spanish and Mexican food along with other western dishes. The commendable items on their menu include their rosti and sandwiches. Of course, it won't be called a "rum bar" if they don't serve rum. You just simply can't walk out their door without at least taking a shot of the local rum.
Sambas Seafood Grill
Sambas is one of the popular Boracay bars for its rather interesting cocktail parties. The name of the place depicts their main cuisine – seafood and it's grilled to perfection. You won't usually find raving parties here but rather intimate evenings. It's actually one of the places on the island where you can find some peace and enjoy a romantic dinner.
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Hotels at Station 3

Boat Station 3 is the last part of White Beach to be noticed by land developers and transformed into pieces of prime real estate. A lot of the resorts that people will find here tend to be more of bungalow type residences and resorts taking on a more native design. However, we can now see that there are upscale establishments that take on a more modern appeal.
If you're the type who would rather stay away from the party crowd then the hotels and resorts on Station 3 will appeal to you. Though a lot of the establishments here offer economy lodgings many of them offer quality accommodations. You can even find some of the nicest hotels and resorts in this part Boracay.

Resorts and Hotels around Boat Station 3

Here are the hotels you will find on this part of the island:
This is one of the better boutique resorts on the island. There are only ten suites in this resort so you won't expect so much of crowd. It's a piece of beachfront property, which makes it one of the hot spots in the place. Its hotel is pretty popular as well. It's a full service establishment, which means you get room service, front desk safe, great amenities and professional service. The roof deck is pretty popular among the guests as well.
Angol Point Beach Resort
This is one of the more typical Boracay hotels and resorts you'll find on Station 3. It's actually on one of the prime locations in the area, which makes it quite favored by many guests. It's a bungalow resort with neat huts sprawled around a tropical garden. The rooms give you a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing fancy but it sure is a nice retreat from the humdrum of urban life.
Asya Premiere Suites
This is one of the newer hotels on Station 3 and it's actually situated quite a distance away from most of the Boracay hotels and resorts on this boat station. Given that fact, it is easy to guess that it's an exclusive resort and is quite luxurious. The rooms have a nice elevated panoramic view of the ocean up on a little rise. It's a full service hotel reserved only for the upper class. That being said, note that the rates here are pretty steep.
This is one of the more affordable hospitality service providers on Station 3. The lower room rates and direct access to the beach makes this a good option. This resort takes pains to blend modern amenities with native design. It's a family run business and customer service is usually given a very personal touch. The place is also a dive shop right on the beach, which is another plus. The rooms are clean and the food is good enough but not overly exciting. All in all, with regards to service, amenities, location, and cost, this little inn gives you great value for your money.
Boracay Crown Regency Resort
This is one of the few luxury hotels on Station 3. The resort staff works hard to provide that trademark Filipino class hospitality. The resort itself looks like a tropical villa, the kind that reminds you of a summer getaway. The rates are slightly steeper than average but you do get a lot for your hard earned money. It's a full service hotel that has its own bar and cafe.
Boracay Ocean Club
This is one of the newer high end classy resorts on this part of Boracay Island. All rooms here have a modern design with a touch of Asian culture in them. With less than 50 rooms available, the low tenant volume gives you an air of exclusivity. The direct access to the beach is also a big factor for this hotel. The freeform pool completes the homey ambiance. You can look at it like your stylish home away in the tropical islands.
Casa Pilar Beach Resort
Casa Pilar Beach Resort is a bit secluded and is situated a short distance away from the huge cluster of Boracay hotels and resorts on the beachfront. It's beachfront property with the added touch of tranquility that a lot of people long for especially when you're just looking for a quiet vacation. Here's a tip, it's a pleasant three-star establishment but book the better rooms to get the best experience since the rates here are really affordable. They really give you just your money's worth. The restaurant right on the beach is an added luxury.
Escurel Inn
This is one of the newer boutique hotels on Station 3. It is located a few meters away from White Beach but is clustered near the other Boracay hotels and resorts in the area. The building itself is made of concrete but the design of the entire establishments is more of a bungalow or cottage type lodging. It's a family run business and service is provided personally the owners. The rooms are particularly new and are kept clean. They offer room service and WiFi Internet. The staff can even do your laundry. The hot and cold showers are an added luxury. The room rates here are truly budget friendly and will be enjoyed by those living on a shoestring.
Golden Phoenix Hotel
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts geared up for luxury. It's one of the few deluxe hotels on this section of the island. The rooms are plush and slightly chic when it comes to design and overall ambiance. It is also a full service hotel but with only limited room service. The entire hotel is modern and is designed to please. Do take note that the rates here truly match the amenities and services you're getting, which basically leans toward the more expensive lodgings in the area.
Island Jewel Inn
This is one of the newer boutique resorts on this side of the island. It's one of the more affordable Boracay hotels and resorts. It may not be a beachfront service establishment but it does offer lodgings in a quieter section of the island. The rooms have sleek and modern facilities. The rooms are big enough for two to three guests. The rooftop terrace gives guests a wonderful view of the surroundings. The inn's staff can arrange island tours, beach parties, and sailing trips upon request. It's a real gem of a place given the services and amenities you get to enjoy.
La Isla Bonita
This is a very popular resort on the island of Boracay. It's situated at the northern end of Station 3 and has about 45 rooms. The entire place has taken on a bit more of a modern look but the original native design that is typical on the island is still pervasive. The place is quite homey and being a beachfront resort truly adds to the overall package this resort delivers. It may not be a completely full service establishment but it does offer a limited room service. The staff is efficient and friendly and will even be willing to take on baby sitting chores if you ask them.
Marzon Beach Resort
This is another one of the beachfront resorts on Station 3. This is actually one of the newer resorts on the island. It's right on the beach, which makes its location quite endearing and totally adds to the overall ambiance the resort exudes. They offer limited room service but that's quite alright. The rates here though are pretty much on average on the island. The rooms have air conditioning and are well furnished, which is added value for the money you pay. The resort staff manning the place is a friendly bunch of local folks who will cater to all your needs.
Moreno's Cottages
This resort is also classed with many of the budget accommodations on the island. It is situated away from the beachfront crowd but is located along with the main cluster of resorts, restaurants, boutiques, and other establishments on Station 3. The entire establishment takes on a more native design and is ideal for families on vacation. The rooms are quite sparse but you do get your basic needs covered. You also get cable TV plus hot and cold showers, which is actually added value considering the room rates you're actually paying for.
Morning Star Beach Resort
If you're looking for budget accommodations right on Station 3 then Morning Star Beach Resort is a good representative. The rooms are simple, no frills, and has wireless Internet. It's right near the beach, which is a plus with regard to location. Banks, shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars are near the resort. You sacrifice luxury but get the very basic necessities taken cared of plus a great location. You get all that for a budget room rate is quite a reasonable deal.
If you're looking for the traditional budget class accommodations on Boracay Island with a few added extras then Orchids Resort will be quite a hot deal. Everything here takes on the native design with the furnishings made of wood and bamboo. On the outside, the place looks like a Filipino provincial home. However, they do have villas that take on a more modern trend. The standard and cottage rooms have no air conditioning. Your best bets would be to get one of the villas in order to get the best of both worlds – modern amenities and native Filipino setting.
Oro Beach Resort
Oro Beach Resort is not quite the typical Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 3. It has a rather modern design and is truly one of the newer establishments in this area. It's a bit of beachfront property that no one will fail to miss. Spacious rooms, nice pool, and a good location near the many commercial establishments like restaurants, dive shops, shopping center, and banks. As an added compliment, the staff here can arrange tours, do your laundry, and do other things to make your day. 
Queen's Beach Resort
This is also one of the more budget friendly resorts on the island of Boracay. It's right at the heart of Station 3 and is only a short distance from the beach. It has quite a good location and it doesn't usually have a huge volume of guests since there are less than 50 rooms on the site. The convention hall plus ice-cream shop are added bonuses to what seems to be a pretty good offer.
Sulu Plaza Beach Hotel
If you're looking for a beach hotel that isn't that elaborate, beachfront, budget rates, and great location near shopping places and other establishments then Sulu Plaza Beach Hotel will be more than adequate. Well, you sacrifice a bit in terms of luxury but you do get convenience and a lot of breathing space. It's right off the boat station so you don't have to go very far. You also get free wireless Internet and cable TV. Their beach bar and Thai restaurant tops up their deal like icing on a cake with an extra cherry.
Surfside Resort and Spa
This is another one of the Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 3 that deviate away from the traditional native tropical set up. This resort and spa takes on a more modern look. All of its 16 rooms are fully air conditioned and fully furnished. Their coffee shop and restaurant are worth noting. The other perks you might want to delve into while staying in this resort include a Jacuzzi, dry sauna, and health spa. They provide a relaxed refreshing mood right on the white sand beach.
Tonglen Beach Resort
This is one of the more affordable venues on Station 3 of Boracay. The overall impression you'll get from this hotel is that it is a simple establishment yet offers modern amenities. Note that this is not a beachfront facility. The rooms are kept clean and are truly spacious. The swimming pool and cabanas are added attractions to make one consider getting a room here. Another plus are its conference facilities. You basically get all those perks among other things for a really budget friendly price.
Villa Camilla Beach Resort
It's a villa and it does have that real Spanish feel to it. The room rates lean toward being more budget friendly compared to the standards in Boracay. This is actually one of the two star hotels on the island. It's a piece of beachfront property that promises wonderful mornings. The rooms are spacious enough with good hot water in the shower. The staff manning the place is ever helpful and pleasant. Remember to bring your dancing shoes because happy hour in the bar upstairs starts at 2pm. At the party, don't miss out on their piña coladas, which are great, but their margaritas need a bit of improvement. It can easily become one of the favorite Boracay hotels and resorts for any guest.

Boracay Island

Anyone who hasn't been to the Philippines will want to see the best that the country has to offer. A common impression is that it's in the Pacific so you can imagine palm trees, neat little huts, white sand beaches, beach beds, nice chilled or iced drinks to compliment the weather, and the beautiful ocean. If that is your first impression of the country then you get the chance to fulfill the fantasy by heading out to Boracay.

White BeachA dream vacation coming to life right before your eyes – that is exactly what this Philippine island embodies. Now that isn't just something anyone comes up with off the top of their head. It is no surprise that many people have described their experience on the island that way. No small wonder that the place has been nominated as the best beach in the world on more than one occasion.

Understand the Basics

Getting general tourist information about this tropical island can spell the success or failure of your visit. One ought to know what tourist traps to avoid. Visitors ought to get acquainted with financial matters like where you can get access to your cash in case you run out. You should also find out what things you ought to bring and know where you can turn to in case you run into trouble.


People actually begin their voyage to this island via a short flight on a local plane. The island is small so don't expect to be landing here. You'll take a short boat ride just to get to this island. Coincidental with getting general tourist info, one should expect certain fees that tourists are expected to pay once they land on the island itself.

There are only a few transportation options here but you usually have to go on foot to get to the many hot spots. Oh yes, you'll also do a lot of boat riding in case you want to get a tour of the place.


Perhaps the most popular beach here on the island is White Beach, which is due to its resplendent white sands and calm waters. Strong winds don't Beach on Boracayusually disturb both water and pristine sand on its side of the island, which makes it quite idyllic. This beach stretches to four kilometers in length and is lined by various hotels and resorts from one end to the other.

Of course, the other beaches in Boracay are also worth the trip and each one of them has something unique to offer to visitors and guests. After all, there is more to just pristine beauty that makes a beach part of the world's best. Some of the criteria that people ought to consider should include night attractions, dive spots, excellent cuisine, and top notch accommodations.

The Climate

The Boracay climate is pretty much the same as the typical climate you get in the Philippines. It enjoys a full summer season and also has a wet rainy season. The climate also dictates whether you get to spend more on room rates or not. The peak season includes the summer months in the Philippines. However, do take note that the months immediately preceding the summer is also part of the peak or high season as well.

So, this simply means that you should expect to find the room rates steeply high from January to May, which is the high to peak season. The rest of the months other than these are within the lean season or low season where there are fewer visitors on the island thus sparking lower demand and lower room rates. However, do take note that a good number of visitors also tend to come to Boracay starting in September.

Boracay Sunset


Alright, so what do visitors and tourists do on Boracay Island? Well, they spend a lot of time on the beach of course. However, there are also a lot of things to see and do while on the island. Water sports have become quite popular here. You may want to visit Bulabog Beach if you're into windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the ever present winds on the east side of the island.

Island hopping is also another interesting thing to do on the island. Other folks take time to go beach hopping just to see all the attractions and other tourist destinations in Boracay. Of course, taking a dip in the cool water comes in between almost everything else. Banana boat riding, snorkeling, kayaking, paraw sailing, and diving all come into play both for enthusiasts and those curious enough to try them.

Shopping can also become one of the main things people do during the day. The place to do shopping in Boracay is D'Mall. However, there are also a number of other places where you can get the stuff you need.

To perk things up even further, there are a lot of festivals, contests, and sporting events happening every now and then. There are soccer cups, golf tournaments, dragon boat races, and beach ball tournaments among the many festivities happening throughout the year.

Beach Life

Bars and Nightlife

It is quite evident that Boracay also comes to life at night. It is no secret that the island has a party scene all of its own. With an array of restaurants and bars, one should expect the evenings to be pretty much just as alive as the day. Live bands, fire dancing, and bar hopping all contribute to the night life that guests can experience on the island.


Palm TreesOn a related note, a stunning array of restaurants has also made their home on the island. A lot of these restaurants serve food from a variety of cuisines. It's like a culinary center right smack dab on the beach. You get to feast on different flavors renowned the world over. A huge number of these restaurants are located on Boat Station 2. Incidentally, this station is also where you'll find the majority of bars and night life places in Boracay.

Hotels and Resorts

If you think the number of restaurants, bars, and nightlife places here are quite a lot then guess again. There are in fact hundreds of hotels and resorts in Boracay. That is how popular this summer island is. You can just imagine how many people come here during peak season.

Since Boracay is such a huge tropical getaway in the Philippines, it is only a small wonder why there are so many hotels, inns, and resorts that have been put up. The hotels here range from small enterprises manned by a single owner or by a single family to a full blown luxurious establishment with international credentials to boot.

The hotels and resorts cater to backpackers as well as distinguishing luxury travelers. If you're on the island on a shoestring budget then you just have to know where to look to find the best deals. It's basically both a question of where and when you come over to have your time on the white sands.

Real Estate

Of course, those with enough business acumen will not only come to the island just to enjoy themselves. There are those who see Boracay as more of a place to make investments along with great potential for economic growth. If you're such a person then you might want to look into some quality real estate to do business.


  1. Jane Olaman

    Now, that’s what you call paradise! Some people may think that Boracay is such an ordinary Island but I think it is not just about white sands that made it popular but the because of the hospitable locals that offer you a beautiful smile every time you arrive at the Island. Night life in this Island is awesome. Parties are all over the corners.

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Hotels around Station 2

You can say that Boat Station 2 on the Island of Boracay is the commercial and shopping center of the island. As you might expect, it is also one of the most crowded sections in the place. People come here to eat, hang out, shop, purchase supplies, and do everything they need to do under the sun. This place also comes alive when the sun has already gone way below the horizon.
Take note that some of the Boracay hotels and resorts on Station 2 do come at a very considerable price but you do get top notch service and world class accommodations. However, a lot of the resorts here are either pretty much on the average or very budget friendly. Since there are a lot of budget accommodations near this boat station, then it's easy to guess why there are more people here.

Boracay Hotels and Resorts around Station 2

Here is a list of the hotels and resorts you can find on Station 2:
Asya Boracay Resort
This resort is probably one of the most luxurious resorts, if not truly the most luxurious one, on Boat Station 2. The gardens are well landscaped and match the other outdoor areas like its courtyard. They have a very inviting outdoor swimming pool right on the garden. Their business center is state of the art and the rooms are well appointed and fully furnished. It's one of the full service resorts on this side of the island.
Boracay Beach Resort
This little resort on the beachfront of Boracay never fails to please guests. It has a restaurant, ocean view, a hammock with each room, and a great location. It's pretty close to D'Mall and the other commercial establishments and the beach is just a stone's throw away. If there's any drawback to this hotel it would be the fact that you have to walk a bit of a distance through alleyways to get to the main road. The homey cove-like appeal this resort has covers up the subtle sparseness of the room. No wonder only a handful of guests would rate the place as a terrible or poor choice.
Boracay De Paris Resort
This is another one of the budget lodgings on Boracay Island. It's right on the beachfront and is right in the heart of White Beach. This prime location is a major plus factor for this resort. The resort itself isn't fancy nor does it offer anything luxurious. The rooms are kept clean and pretty much functional but that's just it. If you're on the island are just looking for a place to rest at night and let loose in the day then this is a good option at shoestring budget rates.
Boracay Garden Resort
This resort is one of the largest resorts you can ever find on the island. It has about 200 rooms and has three really huge swimming pools, perhaps the largest ones you'll find on the island. It's very accessible since you can go either by the main road or just walk along the main foot path to get to it. The major outfit managing this hotel is Boracay Regency, which basically ensures the same quality service and amenities for its guests.
Boracay Holiday Resort
This is one of those resorts on Boracay Island that offers a Mediterranean ambiance and design. The large swimming pool right on the property easily draws a lot of attention. The spa here is both a massage center and a facial care center. It also sports an indoor and outdoor bar. Another thing worth mentioning includes both the restaurant and gym. It may not be a beachfront resort but does offer lower than average rates given the full range of services and amenities it offers.
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is another one of the luxury hotels in this area. It is situated right in the heart of White Beach. It's also a full service hotel, which basically means they cover pretty much everything. Its wide range of services and amenities are meant to please the astute traveler. Some of the services and amenities of note include the beach spa, their Italian restaurant, room amenities, and hospitable service.
Boracay Peninsula Resort
This is also one of those Boracay hotels and resorts that are located right in the middle of White Beach. Its beachfront property plus the rates in this resort are a bit lower than average, which makes it good deal for anyone in the area. Immediately at the spot covered by this resort is Shakey's Restaurant and one of the more popular spas on the island. The swimming pool is quite alright but not completely elegant.
Boracay Regency
Boracay Regency is truly one of the largest hotels on the island. It has almost 300 rooms that are styled according to international standards. Many people have the place highly rated with some even deciding that it should be rated as a Triple-A resort. Just by looking into what they offer will leave one's jaws hanging. They have three swimming pools, a nightclub, spa, four restaurants, gym, sauna, and a Jacuzzi. If you're looking for luxury class lodgings then try what they offer here.
Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel
This resort slash hotel offers a full range of services at a slightly higher than average rate. It's a bit of an upscale hotel but isn't beachfront, which kind of brings its ratings down. They have everything from a restaurant to a boutique shop. One of the owners of this hotel is one of the pioneers in the hotel and service industry in Boracay. The offer modern facilities and complete range of services is worth checking out.
Calypso Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that can be called a piece of pure art work. The bar and lounge and its diving outfit are the main highlights that people particularly seek out. Guests come here to enjoy the facilities plus dive to their heart's content. It is actually located between Station 2 and Station 3 but it's actually a bit closer to Station 2. Another big plus factor for this resort is the fact that it's right on the beach.
Crystal Sand Beach Resort
This is one of the older resorts on the island having been established in 1994. It takes on a rather Mediterranean style and it still remains quite an interesting lodging option. They host a wide range of services which add more value to the place. The rooms are quite alright but are favorably equipped with modern amenities. It's centrally located and is just a few steps away from the beach.
La Fiesta
This is one of the budget accommodations that might ring a bell for many visitors to the island. It's a small resort, which makes it a bit ideal for those who do not want to revel with a huge crowd. The beach is just a few hops away and the resort itself is situated on the northern end of Station 2. D'Mall is a bit of a distance away but is accessible via the island's footpath. Overall, La Fiesta offers really good options for a very reasonable price.
Le Soleil
This is a piece of beachfront property that offers a unique Mediterranean ambiance. Their room rates are pretty much on average with what is offered on the island. This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that easily become popular with a lot of customers. Le Soleil lives up to its reputation due to a good range of amenities and services and great deals.
Mango Ray Resort
This is another beachfront resort that can easily become a favorite on the island. Aside from the truly prime location, another good thing about this resort is the fact that it's high end resort with regard to services and amenities. Their beachfront pub is particularly popular on Boracay. The prime location, hip pub, and luxury rooms at reasonable prices make Mango Ray a great tropical island deal.
Ngi Ngi Nu Noos
If you're looking for a more cottage style kind of lodgings then you might find exactly what you're looking for at Ngi Ngi Nu Noos. Much of the establishment is native inspired with bamboos and wooden panels taking the spotlight. It's a beachfront resort which basically adds to the overall appeal it already espouses. In stunning contrast, the furnishings and bathrooms are a combination of modern European and antiques. Rates are a bit lower than average, which is another good reason for choosing this resort.
Nirvana Resort
This resort is a good representative of what a standard hotel in Boracay is like. Well, it isn't a beachfront resort but is pretty close to the main shopping and dining centers of the island, which can also become a good boon. The resort is typical of any mid-range resort on the island and is quite a good option if you're looking to bring your family or some friends along.
OLE Rooms
OLE Rooms is perfectly suited for those in Boracay on a shoestring budget. It's right smack in D'Mall, which is pretty ideal for anyone who wants most of the options nearby. These rooms are actually located right atop the good old OLE Restaurant, another added convenience. Given the fact that the rates are truly budget-friendly, guests are treated to good air conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold showers, and wireless Internet. That is a good deal for anyone who's not particularly splurging in Boracay.
Pinjalo Resort
This is another one of the mid-range Boracay hotels and resorts that is not particularly right on the beach. The rooms are pretty stylish and modern and the landscape right on the property makes it a more tranquil option. This resort would have been a whole lot better if only it was a beachfront property. The rates here are spot on the average you'll get on the island, which is actually a really good deal.
Red Coconut
This is one of the more popular Boracay hotels and resorts on the island. The name of the place is unique enough to spark some interest in anyone. The reception staff in this hotel has made a name for themselves due to their accommodating and hospitable service. It's close enough to D'Mall and is just right on the beach, which makes a truly prime location. It won't be hard to see why this hotel easily exceeds any tourist's expectations.
Regency Lagoon
Another good luxury lodging option is the Regency Lagoon. It's one of the newer hotels on Boracay Island and features a huge freeform pool. The entire place takes on a rather modern design and is somewhat designed for business class travelers. The only thing that may seem as a drawback to this hotel is the fact that it isn't a beachfront piece of property. However, they make up for it since they offer free trips to and from White Beach.
Roque's Place
This is one of the rather smaller inns or resorts on the island. It's right at the edge of Station 2 and is near the path heading for Station 3. It's not beach property but you do get rates that are well suited for those on a shoestring budget. White Beach is a few minutes away on foot. This bungalow type hotel is nice and only has 22 rooms. They have their own restaurant and serve complimentary breakfasts and drinks, which adds to the overall value of the place.
Seabird International Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that lean towards being more budget friendly. It may not exactly be beachfront property but it does offer interesting accommodations for a truly reasonable price. They offer housekeeping, room service, and a host of other services that make one's stay worthwhile. The amenities are just ok and the rooms are well appointed. They truly give you a lot of value for your money.
Sun Woo Sung Resort
This resort has undergone some major improvements and used to go by the name Loveholic Resort. The place is now truly brand new and the accommodations have been made more comfortable. Another good thing about this resort is the fact that the rates here are more affordable than the average on the island. D'Mall is just a short walk away. Do take note that it's not beachfront property.
The Tides Boracay
You can call this resort as something that is beautifully handcrafted, but it really isn't. The place can be described as a work of art. They offer average rates but they provide outstanding amenities and service. It's not beach front property but its right smack in the middle of D'Mall, the commercial center of the island. The full range of services plus modern amenities and average rates make this place an interesting offer.
Victory Beach Resort
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that are very popular for diving and modern amenities. The place offers a good set of amenities that any water sports enthusiast will enjoy. To wit, they have their own dive shop, restaurant, and bar, which make it such an ideal option for both enthusiasts and curious first timers alike.
Villa de Oro
If you're the type who's on vacation in the Philippines who loves to get in a hut to enjoy the simple beauties of life then you might want to try what they offer in Villa de Oro. Their bungalow styled accommodations take on a more native appeal. The rooms are air conditioned. The complimentary breakfast and welcome drink tops off everything nicely.
Villa Sunset
This is one of the Boracay hotels and resorts that are pretty much on average with regard to room rates. However, compared to many mid-range hotels and resorts on the clear white sands of the island, this one leans toward the more affordable side. To sweeten up the deal even further, the modern facilities give you more value for your money. The tropical garden and swimming pool plus furnished rooms make a good offer that many people may not want to pass up.